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What happens to the celestial angels after the closing of the celestial heavens? 03 Mar 2014 20:06 #6375

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If anyone has ever wondered what happens to the celestial angels after the closing of the celestial heavens, well there are some clues in these messages, here are two.
The first one.
From Jesus.
"As I have heretofore said in my writings, there will come a time when this natural love will be restored to its original state of purity and freedom from sin, and then this brotherhood may exist in a degree of perfection that will make all men happy. Yet the time is far off and will not be realized on earth at all, until the new birth and the new heavens appear. And in the meantime men's dreams of this great brotherhood will not be realized."

The second one.
From Ann Rollins.
"Yes, the Master is now working to lead all souls to God and His Love, and some will follow him, but the vast majority will not, and they will be left to themselves when he stops his work. When that time comes, he will ascend into the Heaven where his home is, and all his followers will go with him and live there for all eternity.

He will not come again to the earth plane or even to the higher planes where the moral and intellectual spirits live, but they will be left to enjoy the happiness which their conditions may give them. His Kingdom will be one of supreme happiness and very near the center of God's Love, and will be one that will be entirely to itself. No spirit who is not of his kingdom can possibly enter therein. I don't know just when the time will come for him to leave the earth sphere and enter into this kingdom, but when he does, the gates thereto will be closed forever upon all spirits who are not followers of him, and never again will they be opened. He has told me this and I must believe him and so must you. He is now trying to teach mankind the great truth, that in order to become partakers of this great privilege they must permit the Love of God to come into their souls, as without it, no one can enter the Kingdom. Soon the privileges will be taken away and then will be the separation of the sheep from the goats, as mentioned in the Bible.

No other of the great teachers is teaching the truth of the New Birth, except Jesus. All are teaching morality and, in a way, a love for God, but none teach the absolute entering into the soul of man this Love by means of the Holy Ghost. Many of the ancient prophets and teachers of God's Love will be partakers of this Kingdom, as I am told, and so will all who receive this love, whether born and living before the time of Jesus, or subsequently. The Kingdom will be created not merely by Jesus teachings, but by this Love of God; and all who have it will become inhabitants of the Kingdom. Jesus will be the ruler of it but not in the sense that you understand a ruler on earth to be: but he will be the greatest possessor of this love, and, consequently, the most powerful as well as the most loving spirit in the whole Kingdom. But his rule will be one of peace and love and ministration. You must try to become a member of this kingdom or you will not be happy as you might be by doing so.

Well as you are tired I must stop. Yes, there are many spheres beyond me and I am striving now to progress to a higher one. So you see there is no limit to what may be obtained.

I believe Mr. Padgett asked a question here.

"As I understand that spheres of his kingdom will be the one close to the Father's home, and there will be none beyond. I of course don't know, but this is what I believe."

As I read it yesterday I knew that Mr. Padgett had asked a question and Ann Rollins answered it, something about the kingdom after the closing of the celestial heavens."

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What happens to the Celestial Angels after the closing of the Celestial Heavens? 07 Mar 2014 07:12 #6391

  • David
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Thanks Ian, what happens to our souls after entering the celestial kingdom is a fascinating question for sure. I read an interesting way of describing what happens to the soul as more and more Love transforms it. If we compare the human soul to a wooden house then as DL enters it transforms part of this wood house into brick and little by little as more Love fills the soul, more of the wood is replaced by brick until that day when the entire house is constructed of brick and at that moment the soul can enter the Kingdom of God. The newly transformed house is similar in appearance to the original house but made of an entirely different material. Then once in the Celestial realms new additions are added to the house also made of brick (Divine Love) and this will continue on for eternity and the house will no longer resemble the original wooden structure anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to describe what the Celestial Heavens are like since our limited vocabulary is not capable of describing its incredible splendor. I think that the human soul would not want to enter the celestial heavens because it would be incapable of communicating since words are not spoken. The human soul needs words to communicate. In the celestial spheres all information is freely exchanged without words and nothing is ever hidden, and all that God has chosen to reveal is known or capable of being known as more Love is added to the already transformed divine soul.

with love,

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