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The truth and errors in the Bible. 04 Feb 2018 16:17 #8110

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Thank you very much for your words brother Ian. I continue in this precious and divine way, because the teachings of Jesus, which He has spread through Padgett and many others, are unique, they are Celestial Truths, they are Pearls that for two thousand years were hidden, they were distorted by ignorance and the fears. Today, thank God, we are blessed to know these Divine Truths.
Sometimes, I get tired, then I take my time to rest, I get up and go on. My daily prayers are my food. I know that I have many Heavenly Angels around me looking after me and guiding me.
May you have a beautiful and blessed day brother Ian. Also for all those who are part of this wonderful Forum ...

Muchas gracias por tus palabras hermano Ian. Sigo en este precioso y divino camino, porque las enseñanzas de Jesús, las que Él viene difundiendo a través de Padgett y muchos otros, son únicas, son Verdades Celestiales, son Perlas que durante dos mil años estuvieron ocultas, fueron falseadas por la ignorancia y los miedos. Hoy, gracias a Dios, somos bendecidos por conocer estas Verdades Divinas.
A veces, me canso, entonces me tomo mi tiempo para descansar, me levanto y sigo. Mis oraciones diarias son mi alimento. Sé que tengo muchos Ángeles Celestiales a mí alrededor cuidándome y guiándome.
Que tengas un hermoso y bendecido día hermano Ian. Igualmente para todos los que hacen parte de este maravilloso Foro…
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The truth and errors in the Bible. 04 Feb 2018 18:39 #8113

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Thank you Alberto, my heart and soul tells me that only someone who has received a substantial amount of God's Divine Love could write like this.

I'm afraid What happened with Jesus' messages after he was murdered is happening today and has been happening since the departure of Dr. Stone, and the story is a sad one, if only these people could have received some Divine Love they would never have distorted the masters truths, we see it today in the form of mixing the messages with contradictory philosophies, making money out of them and a name for themselves, dishing out lofty titles like they have a right to do that, which they don't.

These people, and they know who they are lead new truth seekers astray, Vol 1 and Vol 2 is all you need to understand Jesus and the celestial angels truths that lead to the Father.

I have been contacted by several truth seekers through the years who wrote to me about the messages, and they kept in touch for a while but then faded away and I never heard from them again, most of them, so they told me read most of the external literature that has been connected to these messages by other people, and that's where the confusion starts because a lot of the literature connected to the two volumes have contradictions placed in them and I believe it is this that prevents them from believing and knowing what true prayer to the Father is and what it does it seems like they fell away before they got there.

How I wish that these people could see the consequences of their actions.

Love and Blessing, Ian

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