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Re:A discourse on cleansing of the soul through receiving Divine Love. 15 Mar 2012 13:34 #5693

  • Dan
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Yesterday I was reflecting on some previous guidance I had received several months ago and how I was doing in following thru with it. I recognized that I had followed thru and cleaved myself from something in my past that was counterproductive to my progression. I realized that I had focused on what I would let go of yet I had not embraced the greater importance of my guidance. The word embrace is what struck me particularly as I was more focused on what I would let go rather than what I should be embracing. I'll let you in on one of the 4 pieces of guidance I received which when I prioritized them was what I felt the most important and that being to love my wife and family more. It seems that natural love progression is about loosing ourselves from negativity and Divine Love progression is all about embracing love as what is most important and redeaming. Some folks feel the need to focus on their blocks, negativities and personal baggage to enable a closer relationship with God but for me it's not about what I will let go of as much as what I will embrace In the form of love, I choose to seek God's Divine Love first and all else will fall away that is disharmonious.


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Re:A discourse on cleansing of the soul through receiving Divine Love. 15 Mar 2012 15:09 #5694

  • Joan
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Great last sentence, Dan. The Law of Attraction doing it's work.

God bless.


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A discourse on cleansing of the soul through receiving Divine Love. 04 Jan 2014 04:27 #6228

  • Miss Hepburn
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What a great topic. This is my second topic to read as I get acquainted here. Many great posts and words of wisdom! This is a nice place.

I have learned something about Divine Love and my Father.
But, how do I say it?

I can only receive what I am ready for or what I realize about myself and my Heavenly Father.
I spoke to some friends about the love of God and both of them said...
"I can't relate...that's not what God is to me...." (Both raised Catholic)
They agreed with each other that to them God was not some blissful God, but a punishing God to fear.


So what I'm saying is....I realize who I am...a child of my Divine Father....and I know who He is...a King, a brilliant loving magnificent Spirit.
So because of this I allow a lot of love in.
My friends don't....they don't know who they are and they don't know Who their Father is.

Knowing who we are and Who God is....Love...allows the magic to happen, in my opinion.

Cleansing, for me, is cleaning out the glutter that is not true out of my consciousness (get thee behind me)...and knowing, focusing constantly on the Truth....I am my Holy Father's beloved creation....a part of Him , His child.....deserving of all the Love He wants to give me...purely and anxiously.

Just like a 2 yr old when Daddy comes home. :)

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