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Transformation 22 Jan 2021 12:21 #8304

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Ian, firstly, howdy. Been awhile and it brought a smile to my face to see your post. ❤️ I was impressed by what you wrote when you said this site is one of your assigned tasks; I had to ask, who assigned it? I’ve got an idea that it’s Jesus who directed you or maybe the Father directly? Perhaps our greatest enemy is misinformation that alters our thoughts and beliefs as our site here Ian is exactly what is needed to set folks straight about the truth that Jesus reveals. James Padgett received many messages from those that lamented their wrongful teachings and whom were trying to undo the harm that had caused to others by misleading them with false teachings. Jesus spoke of this as he warned preachers and teachers to take stock of what they are teaching as they bear a huge responsibility in taking such a powerful influence in other people’s lives.


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Transformation 22 Jan 2021 18:48 #8306

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Hi Dan, yes quite a while. I needed some solitude and to sort a few things out, the solitude gives me time for being prayerful, and the things I sorted out lead me to where I want to be. So lots of changes in my life in these past years.
Anyway, so nice to chat with you again, it's great to see you.

"Assigned task," well, firstly, I feel responsible for what I put out, and it wasn't "an off the fly thing," I needed proof before I would bear the responsibility of putting these life changing messages on the internet. So, I got my proof and it was certain and the certainties accumulate all the time. One of my first thoughts was "you've got to tell people," and because it was these messages that lead me directly to our Loving Father via Jesus teachings, I consider myself one of this group now, and I think everyone else who are involved with these messages in a true sense are in this group.

The messages if read and studied and with effort to do what the messages implore and do it the way they say, will bring God's Divine Love into the soul, and that is a proven fact.
Love, Ian

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