Part 3

 Jesus of Nazareth Selects James E. Padgett.

A Confirmation by James.


I AM HERE. James, the Apostle.

Let me add my testimony to what the others have written.

I am also a follower of the Master and was with him in his travels through Palestine. I was also with him when he was crucified on the cross.

I was a true follower of the Master on earth, and a true one in the spirit world. He is now the Prince of Peace in its truest sense. His love for humanity is so great that we, even though we are his true lovers and very close to him, cannot comprehend it.

So, you must believe in him and in the fact that he has chosen you to do his great work. Believe and work, and you will see the salvation of the Father manifest itself as never before.

You have working with you all the powers of the Kingdom of Jesus, and nothing will be able to withstand such powers. And Love, the Divine Love of the Father, will enter into many a soul and make it an inhabitant of the Kingdom through this great work.

I will not write more tonight. But, as Peter said, he will be with you often in love and sympathy, and will write you of the Truths of the Heavenly Kingdom.

So, with all my love and blessings, I am

Your own true brother and friend,




A Confirmation by Jerome.


I AM HERE. Jerome.

I am also a brother in spirit. I want to tell you that the wonderful messages that you have received tonight are true. They were written by the spirits professing to write them, and you must not doubt. So, believe and you will receive the greatest of all Blessings, the Divine Love of the Father.

I will not write more at this time, but will come again and tell you of things no mortal has ever heard of or conceived. I am

Your brother and friend,

JEROME, the writer and commentator of the Bible.



A Confirmation by Anthony.


I AM HERE. Anthony.

I am your brother and friend in Christ, and in that Love of the Father.

I am a man who was a follower of the Master when on earth, and a follower of him in the spirit world. I mean in the Heavenly Kingdom. And I am now a lover of God and a part of His Divinity.

I was not one of his apostles, but I loved him and believed in him, and died in his cause. And I am now receiving my reward, for, as I say, I am now an inhabitant of his Heavenly Kingdom and immortality is mine, as it will be yours if you continue to believe in him and get the Divine Love of the Father in increased abundance.

So, let me tell you that not every man has bestowed upon him the great favor which the Master has bestowed upon you. No other mortal, at this time, has that great blessing of love and selection that he has given to and made of you.

The others have told you of this wonderful Love and Power and Blessings that have been and will be bestowed upon you.

So, I will stop now, and say that I am

Your brother and friend,




A Confirmation by Barnabas.


I AM HERE. Barnabas, the Apostle.

Let me supplement what Stephen wrote. I am an apostle of the Master and was called Barnabas, the partner of Paul in much of his ministry of extending and making known the Truths of the Master throughout Asia and also Judea. I was not only the collaborator with Paul at Jerusalem but was also among the circumcised Jews who embraced the faith of Christianity. I am now working with the apostles in trying to help men and spirits understand and believe in these great Truths.

So, you must believe that I am trying to help you in the great work which the Master has decreed and declared you shall perform. We are all with you and will exert all our power and love to forward the cause of righteousness and the redemption of men.

You must acquire the faith which is so necessary to your success. I mean the faith which leaves no room for doubt that the Master has called you. He will give you power and spiritual development that you may do his work as he desires you to do it. Be a true believer and you will not fail.

I will not write more tonight, but will say: May God prosper you and make you like unto Himself in soul qualities and goodness. I am

Your brother and friend,




A Confirmation by Thomas.


I AM HERE. Thomas, the Apostle.

Let your mind be open to the conviction that I and all the others of the disciples of Jesus have and can write to you in testimony of your selection to do the great work that you have been called to do. Never was mortal so favored by the greatest man and most wonderful and powerful spirit that ever lived. I, an apostle, do not see how you could have been selected, not being so great a lover of God as we might expect the mortal to be who should be called to do this work. But the Master has chosen you and he knows what is best, and we have no right to pass judgment on his choice. But no matter whether you are worthy or not, you have been chosen and you must do the work.

I know that you will have sustaining you all the power and wisdom of the spirit world that is ruled over by Jesus, and that will be sufficient to insure not only success in your work but also your own soul's development and salvation.

I wish that I might tell you what a privileged man you are, but I cannot tonight, as I must stop now and let another write. I am

Your brother and friend,


(Question) Because my faith was failing, as it did when I was told that the Master had risen from the dead.

Oh, the curse of unbelief!

I say to you above all things: believe, believe, and believe!




Luke Adds His Testimony.


I AM HERE. Luke, the Apostle.

Let me add my testimony also, and you will soon see that any doubt is more than foolishness.

I am Luke, the writer of the Third Gospel, as it is called. But let me tell you here that in that writing are things that I never wrote and never believed had any existence. I know that my gospel is considered one of the most authentic of the four; but, in it, as it is contained in the Bible, are many errors and impossible declarations of the truth that are erroneously ascribed to the Master. You must eradicate the errors and retain the Truths. And this you will be able to do when you have received the messages from the Master, and the epistles that we, the apostles and disciples, may write.

Your labor will not be an easy one, but you will be given strength and understanding and wisdom sufficient to make your work of showing the Truth to mankind a correct and unimpeachable one. I will help you in this particular work with all my love and powers of depicting the true meaning of what may be written to you, and will be with you continually when you get ready to compile these messages and other writings which will come to you from the Master and many others of us.

But, in order to become perfect in this great work, you must acquire abundant faith and a large degree of soul development. These qualifications are very necessary because spiritual things conveyed must be spiritually received. This we all know now, and we tell it to you for you must know it, too.

I must not write more now and, so, will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

LUKE, sometimes called the doctor, and

sometimes the learned disciple of the Master.



A Confirmation by A.G. Riddle That the Master and the Apostles Have Communicated That Mr. Padgett Is Selected to Do the Work.


I AM HERE. Your old partner.

Why, Padgett, such testimony as that would have established in court any fact that you or I might have asserted! Just think a moment. Here are witnesses of the highest character, with the knowledge and opportunity for knowledge that cannot be disputed, and one identifying the other, and all testifying in the most positive way as to that one particular fact.

Who can say that there can be any possibility of mistake? Never in the world has a fact been more conclusively proved. And if you doubt that you have been selected for this great work, I cannot understand the operation of your mind.

Well, my dear boy, to think that, in the latter years of your life, this great work has come to you-work, I am informed, that has never been successfully given to mortal before to do! You certainly are blessed and I am so thankful that it is so, and that you and I were friends on earth.

God moves in mysterious ways His Wonders to perform!

So, my dear friend, let me congratulate you, as you are worthy of congratulations.

I will write soon and tell you more of my opinion of this great surprise when I think more of it.

With all my love, I am your old partner and now

Your brother in Christ,




A Confirmation by Ann Rollins. She is Amazed at the Great Assurances Given to Mr. Padgett.


I AM HERE. Your grandmother.

I feel that I must write to you before you stop. I am so amazed at the great assurances that you have received as to your being called to the great work of the Master that I cannot let you retire without telling you what a blessed man you are!

Of course, I knew that the Master had chosen you, and the writings that you have received do not add one bit to my knowledge. But the thing that surprises me is that all these exalted spirits should come, one after another, and declare to you the fact that you have been chosen.

Certainly you cannot doubt in view of what this multitude of witnesses have said. I don't quite understand why so many should have come to give you this assurance, unless it be that they wanted you to start into this great work with a faith that admits of no doubt; and, to ensure that faith they saw to be necessary, they concluded that this great and cumulative testimony should be given to you.

My dear son, I feel that you have been blessed above other men now living, and that the great favor which has been bestowed on you is one that very few mortals have received.

So, I tell you that we all thank God and praise His Goodness for what He has done for you.

You must not think that God had nothing to do with this selection, for He is the Great Father; and Jesus, the great son, consulted Him, as has been told me.

Jesus is, himself, all-powerful and wise and good, but also humble and loving. And he is very close to the Father and seeks His Advice and Guidance, as when on earth.

So, you see that our Master, while supreme in this Kingdom where the redeemed live, still realizes that he needs the Help of his Father. This is true and will be true during all eternity.

Well, you are right. But you must not think of your own unworthiness.

So, believe!

I think that it will be the most wonderful band of spirits that has ever existed, except that band which watched over and protected Jesus from his birth to his death.

So, my dear son, I must stop now and will say that I am

Your own true and loving grandmother,




How Happy Mrs. Padgett Is That Great Spirits Have Confirmed Mr. Padgett's Selection.


I AM HERE. Helen.

Oh, my darling Ned, I cannot tell you how happy I am that all these great spirits should have come to you and testified that you are the chosen of the Master.

Of course, I knew it, and you knew it before. But to remove all doubt that you might have, they came and declared the fact in such certain terms!

I know that you will have the power and love of many spirits to sustain you in your work. And to think of the wonderful messages that you will receive-first those of the Master, which will excel all others, and then those of his various apostles and disciples. You will certainly be blessed with wonderful knowledge of the Celestial World.

You must not write more tonight.

Well, the power that will be exerted by that band will surpass any power that has been exerted before, and you will have the protection and sustaining power of spirits that will not permit any undesirable spirits or mortals to interfere with your work. I am

Your own true and loving