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What causes the Souls of Men the Unrest that now Exists in the World?

This is a subject, I know, that of late has been widely discussed, and many causes given and tried to be explained as the basis for such conditions of men, individually, and as comprising nations.

I realize that it is a large and comprehensive question, and to discuss it in all its features would require much more time than we have to devote to it tonight, and hence I will call attention to only a few of these causes.

In the first place man is so created, or rather he has brought himself into such a condition, that self love or selfishness--and I mean the purely human selfishness and not that of the higher and proper kind The Message

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  • The Soul: What It Is and What It is Not

    Well, the subject is of vast importance and difficult to explain, for there is nothing on earth known to man with which a comparison may be made. Generally, men cannot understand truth, or the nature of things, except by comparison with what they already know to exist, ......         Read More