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This Week's Message

The Importance of getting the Divine Love in The Soul

Do not let the worries of life keep you from loving and believing that He wants you to become one with Him in Love and Grace. He is not only waiting for you to let His Love flow into your heart, but He is anxiously knocking at the door of your heart, that you may open and let Him enter.

Be true to your best spiritual longings, and you will soon feel that you have got that in your soul which will give you perfect peace and happiness. You are only now beginning to learn that you must feel that your Father is so near you, that He must become a part of your life and being. When that Love has fully taken possession of you, you will know that you are His own true and reconciled..  The Message

Message Excerpts

  • The Soul: What It Is and What It is Not

    Well, the subject is of vast importance and difficult to explain, for there is nothing on earth known to man with which a comparison may be made. Generally, men cannot understand truth, or the nature of things, except by comparison with what they already know to exist, ......         Read More