Birth and Life of Jesus Up to the Time of His Public Ministry

The Birth and Life of Jesus.
Description of Birth and Life of Jesus Up to the Time of His Public Minist

I am here, Jesus;

I want to write to you to-night about my birth and life up to the time of my public ministry. I was born in Bethlehem, as you know, in a manger, and when I The birth of Jesuswas a few days old my parents took me to Egypt, in order to avoid the soldiers of Herod who were sent to destroy me, and who did kill a great number of male infants of less than two years of age.

The Bible story of my birth and the flight of my parents and the murder of the innocents, is substantially correct; and I only wish to add to it, that when my parents arrived in Bethlehem they were not compelled to seek the manger of a stable in order that I might be born on account of poverty, for they were supplied with funds and everything that was needed to make my birth comfortable for my mother; and as a matter of fact my father was not poor in the world's goods as poverty was considered in those days.

The Bible says the wise men came and brought offerings of gold and frankincense to my parents,  ....

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Mary writes that Jesus was the natural son of Joseph and Mary

I am here, Mary the Mother of Jesus.

I come to you with all the mother's love of one who loved her dear son so much while on earth, and who suffered all the heart pangs which the cruel death of my beloved caused me, and with the love that has been purified by experience and closeness to the blessed Father.

I say, I come to you with this mother's love, for you are the children of my Father, as I am his child, and you are also the brothers of my dear son, who is with you so much and so interested in you and your future.

Let your love for the Father increase, and also your love for the Master, as he is the greatest and dearest friend that you have in all the Celestial or spiritual heavens.

I am in the Celestial Heavens, very near the fountainhead of God's Love, and also near the home of my dear son, but not in the same sphere with him, for no spirit in all the Celestial Heavens has the same great soul development as he has, or possessed with the Divine Love to such an extent.

And I want to say just here that I am not in the condition or place that I am, because I am his mother, but because of the development of my own soul - only this great possession of the Divine Love determines our position and condition here.

I am now in such condition that I know that the Love of the Father is the only thing in all the universe of God that can make a mortal, or spirit either, a partaker of the Divine nature, and an inhabitant of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I will not write more, but will come again and write you of the early life of Jesus, and of his development in the Love as was shown to me, while he was a growing child, and after he became a man, prior to his public ministry.

Question - Was Joseph the father of Jesus

Well, I suppose I am the only one in all the universe of God, who knows the fact with reference to that question, and I as a spirit of the Celestial Spheres, knowing only truth, say to you and all the world, that Joseph was the actual father of Jesus, and that he was conceived and born as any other mortal was conceived and born. The Holy Spirit did not beget him and I never was informed that such a thing would happen. I was known by Joseph before the conception of Jesus, and by him I was made pregnant with that blessed son. This is the truth and all accounts and statements to the contrary are erroneous.

I was a simple Jewish maiden, and never had any knowledge that my son was to be different from the sons of other mothers, and it was not until after the development in him of the Divine Nature of the Father, that I realized that he was so different from the sons of other mothers.

I will not write more tonight.

So my dear children believe what I have written, and also know that I love you with a great love, and am working with the other Celestial Spirits to make your souls the possessors of this Great Love. With this Love and my blessing I will say, God be with you now and for all eternity.

Your sister and mother in Christ, Mary

John affirms that Mary, the mother of Jesus wrote


I am here, John.

I came tonight to tell you that the Master will not write, as he is not present, but is at work in another part of the universe, where he is needed, and where An angel appearshe is doing a work that none of us can do.

Well, I know that he had an engagement with you but he thought best not to keep it, and sent me here to tell you, for he did not want you to think that he had forgotten you, as he has not.
Very soon he will come and continue the messages, and you will not be disappointed. I will not write more tonight as you will have a communication from another that will be interesting.

Yes, it was a glorious night, for as you were told many of the Celestial Spirits were present with their love and helpful influences - and one especially was with you, having a great love for you and your friend. She still has a great mother's love as well as the Divine Love, or rather this Divine Love which includes this motherly feeling and desire to make you happy as one of her children, although she is your sister rather than your mother, - but still she feels like the mother of all of Jesus' followers, as she is his mother still, and yet, not his equal in the great soul development.

She really wrote to you, and what she stated is true, notwithstanding the declarations contained in the Bible, as to Jesus' conception and birth.

And I must here state again, that at no time in his ministry did he claim or have the slightest thought of having been conceived by the Holy Spirit or that he had any other father than Joseph. We never looked upon him as God, or as a Son of God in the peculiar sense in which the orthodox churches teach; and now I know he was not such God or Son of God. He is merely a spirit as are the rest of us, but the one possessing more Divine Love, and having the greatest knowledge of the Father, and of His personality and attributes.

So believe what we have written you on this question for it is true. I will stop now, and in doing so will say, God bless you.

Your brother and friend, John.

Saul affirms that Mary, the mother of Jesus wrote


I am here, Saul.

I want to write just a line as I see that tonight you have around you so many of the high spirits.

I do not intend to say much, but I must tell you that I am in a condition of love that makes me happy as I see that you are. I am not so high in my position or have so much of the soul development as have those who have just written you, but yet, I am a spirit who knows the truth of the Divine Love and a possessor of the Divine nature.

I want to say to you both, pray and believe. Let not what others may write or say to the contrary cause you to doubt that the spirit who wrote you was Mary - not the Virgin Mary - but Mary the mother of Jesus. She is a beautiful and pure spirit and one who is filled with the Father's Love to a wonderful degree.

She also has her mother's nature to an extent that makes her love all the children of God, whether they be good or sinful, and she does pray to the Father for the sons of earth, but she is not pleased when mortals pray to her as some one who should be worshipped. She is only a spirit filled with love, and when they, I mean mortals, look upon her as a mother she is not displeased, for as I say she loves them all; but when they think that in order to reach the ear of the Father in seeking for His Love, they have to pray to her to intervene, she is sorely displeased and, if she could do so, would proclaim to them the great error and sin in believing in her and praying to her as a necessary intermediary between God and themselves.

Some day, mortals will know that the Father hears their prayers, just as he does the prayers of Mary or any other spirit, and that while she and all other spirits can help them, even by their prayers, yet God wants the prayers and soul longings of mortals directed to Himself.

I write this to show that some of the orthodox Christians make a great mistake in praying to the Virgin Mary or to any other saint, instead of to the Father.

I will not write more tonight, and will say that I, as well as the other spirits who are here tonight, love you with the love of a brother who knows the reality of this Divine Love.

Your brother in Christ, Saul

Samuel: What actually happened at Jesus' crucifixion

Let me write a few lines to-night, as I have not written you for a long time, and desire to tell you of the scene that was depicted to you to-night by the words and music at the church.

I was present at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus and saw all that took place and the wonderful display of the forces of nature, that were presented to you to-night in the drama of the crucifixion.

Well, as you may not know, many of the scenes that were so forcibly presented to your imagination, never had any reality in fact and the drama was the production of the oriental mind which was so often used to depict things that had their origin, only in such eastern imaginations.

When Jesus was crucified there was no great concourse of people; because he was considered as a common malefactor, paying the penalties that followed the violation of the law that he was charged with violating. Of course there were soldiers and a large number of the members of the Jewish Sanhedrim and a few followers present, but there was no unusual crowd to witness the execution. He was not the only one crucified at the time and the other two were considered just as the Jews considered him - violator of their laws and one to be punished by hanging on the cross.

The words that he is supposed to have uttered at the time of his extremis, were not uttered by him and no words that he may have spoken could have been heard by any of his followers, for they were kept away from the immediate scene of his execution, and it was only after he had been pronounced dead and found ready to be removed from the cross, that his followers were permitted to approach his body and remove it from the tree. The others, who were engaged in the execution did not hear any words of his, and as I have said, his followers could not hear and thus be able to report any supposed saying of his. So far as known, he died as bravely - that is without fear or doubt as to the future as did any other who has suffered the same fate.

The words that he is supposed to have uttered, were not so uttered, and he did not call upon the Father for His help, or to cause the bitter cup to pass from him, and all reports of what he said or did at that time are not true, but merely the imaginings of those who wrote of him in later times.

There was no sudden breaking up of nature or things material, and the accounts of the graves opening, and the bodies arising therefrom and being seen and talked with in the city are purely fiction, and have no foundation in fact.

I know that Christians of today will not be ready to receive these statements as true, because of the long years of belief in these things that have obtained during the centuries. Why men should want to believe in these representations of things that never happened it is hard to understand, for in themselves that have no significance, except that mere endeavor to make as dramatic and impressive on humanity the wonderful circumstances that they allege surrounded the death of Jesus.

If they will only think, they must realize that the death of Jesus, accompanied by all the startling environments described in the Bible did not afford one iota of help in way of saving a human soul, or teaching that soul the true way to the Father's Kingdom. His life is what had the effect and not his death; and the sooner men learn that Truth the sooner will they learn the fact that no death of Jesus could save them from themselves, or show them the way to the Celestial Kingdom.

I know that men will not want to believe what I have written, and continue in their belief that all these tragic circumstances surrounded the death of Jesus. And I suppose that this belief will continue with them for a long time to come. But what I have said is true, and no man can by any possible workings of God's laws find any hope or assurance of immortality in these things. You may ask me how I know that Jesus uttered no words at the time of his death, and I can answer by saying that he told me so himself.

He has not been present to-night at any of the churches where his death on the cross is celebrated, and will not be until after the time of the great worship and adoration of him by the churches has gone by. This worship is all very distasteful to him and are such that he does not desire to witness, and hence, he remains in his home in the high Celestial Spheres. He desires men to worship only the One True Father that he worships, and thus receive the true benediction of the Father.

Well, I see that you are tired and I will not write more.

With my love, I will say good-night.

Your brother in Christ,