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The Importance of Knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom. Many Statements in the Bible are Untrue Print
Message of the Week - Message of the Week
I know that the Bible contains many sayings attributed to me in reference to this Plan, and many of my alleged sayings are believed in, by those who claim to be Christians, which are not true. I never said them, and they are contrary to what I received from the Father as to the true Plan of men's redemption from sin, and as to the only Way by which they can obtain true atonement with the Father and a knowledge of their own Immortality.

Many of these sayings were written by men who knew not the only Way to a oneness with the Father, and were the results of the teachings of the manuscripts that then existed. They were received by the Jews as the revelations of Moses and of many of the prophets who had no knowledge of the Divine Love or of Its rebestowal upon humanity.

These men made me say those things that accorded with their ideas of what was necessary for salvation, or for the possibility of their becoming at-one with me and with the Father, and in writing their ideas, confused the Truth with what they supposed was the truth, as contained in the Old Testament. Much harm has been done by attributing many of these sayings to me, because of the supposed authority that was attached to them..........   The Message