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No Such Thing as Fallen Angels Print
Message of the Week - Message of the Week
Well, in the first place I want to say that there are no such things as the fallen angels, or any spirits except the spirits of those who once lived as mortals, and who are living now as spirits. Of course many of them are what may be called evil spirits but they are not devils in the sense that the author describes them.

There never were any rebellions in heaven of any of the angels of God, and whenever such a thing is mentioned in the Bible it has no foundation in fact, for there never was a Seraphim or any other angel that fell and became the devil or Satan, as he is called and you must not let your thoughts disturb your belief in our writing to you for we who profess to write to you actually do write.

I know that it is very largely believed in the churches that there are such beings as devils of whom Satan is the chief, but such belief is wholly erroneous and has worked a great injury to the cause of truth and to my teachings. 

The men who teach this false doctrine will have a great sin to atone for when they come to the spirit world and especially will the author of the book you were reading and not only for this false doctrine but for others which he teaches

He will find as soon as his breath leaves the body that there is a spirit world, and that he is a living spirit and one who will find come to him the recollections of all his false teachings........            The Message