Part 1 

 Jesus of Nazareth Selects James E. Padgett.

 Jesus Wants the World to Follow His True Teachings.

I am here. Jesus.

God is Love. And they that worship Him in spirit and love will not be forsaken.

I came to tell you that you are very near the Kingdom. Only believe and pray to the Father and you will soon know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free. You were hard-hearted and sinful; but, now that you are seeking the light, I will come to you and help you. Only believe and you will soon see the Truth of my teachings. Go not in the way of the wicked, for their end is punishment and long-suffering. Let your love for God and your fellowman increase.

You are not in condition for further writing. I will come to you again when you are stronger.

Yes, it is Jesus, and I want the world to follow the true teachings of my words.

Good-bye, and may the Holy Spirit bless you, as I do.


Mr. Padgett told me that he had a vision of Jesus many years before he knew he had the mediumistic gift to receive communications from spirits.  He told me that when he saw Jesus at the time he had the vision, that he looked at him with a great love and sympathy as if he wanted him to become a true follower of him.

The first messages from Jesus are for the purpose of encouraging Mr. Padgett to get into his soul the Divine Love in sufficient abundance so as to change the quality of his brain into that high quality that would enable Jesus to write the high quality of truths or formal messages, that he is so anxious to give to the world.

Dr. Leslie R. Stone


Jesus Declares That the Divine Love Is Reaching Out to Every Man, and That Mr. Padgett Is the Instrument to Receive His Repeated Gospel.


I AM HERE. Jesus.

 I wish to write to you about the Love of God and the needs of mankind.

Let your mind be free from all thoughts of evil and sin. The Love of God is reaching out to every man so that the meanest will be the object of His Care. Do not let the thought that He is only loving the good and righteous lead you to think that you must seek the company of these favored ones only. Let the lost and unhappy be the objects of your efforts to show them the Way to the Father.

In receiving our messages, you will have an opportunity to teach all mankind of the Love of God for His children, and that they are the children of His Greatest Care and Love. Be only earnest in your efforts to spread the Truths which I shall teach you in my communications, and you will be a successful laborer in the work which the Father has decreed you to do.

Give your best endeavors to the spreading of the messages, and you will not only save the souls of the blinded and lost but also will hasten the coming of the Kingdom in your own life and heart.
LET ME COME TO YOU OFTEN, FOR YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENT THAT I WISH TO USE IN MY NEW OR REPEATED GOSPEL OF GLAD TIDINGS TO THE HUMAN RACE. Be true to the trust that I shall impose in you, and let not the cares of the world keep you from spreading my gospel. Come to the Love of God in a more enlarged and truthful meaning, and you will be my true follower. Let me lead you to the Fountainhead of all the Truths of God I have in store for humanity.

My own love and power will guide you and keep you in the way of Light and Truth that you may teach to your fellowman. Your own soul must be purified first, and then you will be able to show others the power and love that I have for them.

You are not to seek the help of other spirits until I teach you the Truths of my Father. He is the only One Who has the Power to save men from their sins and errors. Be true and earnest in your work, and don't let other things distract your mind or work from the task set before you.

You are too weak to write more now.

Yes, but I am not able to write more now because you are not in condition.

You must stop writing now.



When Mr. Padgett's Soul Development Was Sufficient to Permit Jesus To Write, the Following Informative Message Was Received.


I AM HERE. Jesus.

You are now in condition, and I will give you a short message as my first.

When I was on earth, I was not worshiped as God, but was considered merely as the son of God in the sense that the Truths of my Father were imposed in me, and many of His wonderful and mysterious Powers.

I did not proclaim myself to be God, but only that I was His beloved son, sent to proclaim His Truths to mankind, and to show them the Way to the Love of the Father.

I was not different from other men except that I possessed this Love of God to a degree which made me free from sin, and prevented the evils that formed a part of the natures of other men from becoming a part of my nature.

No man who believes that I am God has a knowledge of the Truth, or is obeying the Commandments of God by worshiping me. Such worshipers are blaspheming and are doing the cause of God and my teachings great injury. Many a man would have become a true believer in, and worshiper of, the Father and a follower of my teachings had not this blasphemous dogma been interpolated into the Bible. It was not with my authority, or in consequence of my teachings, that such a very injurious doctrine was promulgated or believed in.

I am only a son of my Father, as you are. And while I was always free from sin and error, yet, as regards the true conception of my Father's true relationship to mankind, you are also His son. And if you will seek earnestly and pray to the Father with faith, you may become as free from sin and error as I was then and am now. The Father is Himself, Alone. There is no other God besides Him, and no other God to be worshiped.

I am His teacher of Truth, and am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, because in me are those attributes of goodness and knowledge which fit me to show the Way and to lead men to eternal life in the Father, and to teach them that God has prepared a Kingdom in which they may live forever, if they so desire. But notwithstanding my teachings, men, and those who assumed high places in what was called the Christian church, imposed doctrines so at variance with the Truth that, in these latter days, men, in the exercise of an enlightened freedom, and of reason, have become infidels, and have turned away from God and His Love, and have thought and taught that man himself is sufficient for his own salvation.

The time has come when men must be taught to know that, while the teachings of these professed authorities on the Truths of God are all wrong, they, these same men, are in error when they refuse to believe in God and in my teachings. What my teachings are, I know, is difficult to understand from the writings of the New Testament, for I never said many things contained therein, and many things that I did say are not written therein.


No man can come to the Father's Love except he be born again. This is the great and fundamental Truth which men must learn and believe. For, without this New Birth, men cannot partake of the Divine Essence of God's Love, which, when possessed by man, makes him at-one with the Father. This Love comes to men through the workings of the Holy Spirit, causing It to flow into the heart and soul, and filling it so that all sin tends to make them unhappy. Yet, without this Love within, they will be only natural men and nothing more.

I came into the world to show men the Way to this Divine Love of the Father, and to teach them His Spiritual Truths. My mission was that in all its perfection, and, incidentally, to teach them the way to greater happiness on earth as well as in the spirit world, even though they neglected to seek for and obtain this Divine Love to become one with the Father.

Let men ponder this momentous question, and they will learn that the happiness of mortal man and the happiness of the man who has obtained this Attribute of Divinity is very different and, in all eternity, must be and remain distinct and separate. My teachings are not very hard to understand and follow when I say that a man cannot become of the Nature of the Divine unless the Divine first comes into that man and makes him a part of Its Own Divinity.

All men who do not get the Divine Essence will be left in their natural state. And while they may progress to higher degrees of goodness and freedom from sin in this state, and toward everything which will tend to elevate man's desire for a better understanding with which to assure a man's future happiness, yet, this happiness is not that greater happiness which God desires His children to have. Nor is the development of the natural state the way to possessing this greater happiness which I came to the earth to teach.

My mission on earth was not so successful as it might have been if the so-called "followers" had not become too ambitious for power and position to permit the Truth to be known which I gave to my disciples, and had not caused many deeds of violence and death. But my Truths found lodgment in some hearts and minds, and were retained to save mankind from total spiritual darkness and a relapse to worship of form and ceremony only. I have written you this as a mere help for them. For if they will continue to believe and follow these teachings, they will learn the Way and obtain the one perfect state of happiness which the Father has prepared for His children


So, I say, if a man will pray to the Father, and believe, and earnestly ask that this Love be given him, he will receive It; and, when It comes into his soul, he will realize it.

Let not men think that, by any efforts of their own, they can come into this union with the Father, because they cannot. No river can possibly rise higher than its source. And no man who has only the natural love and is filled with error can, of his own powers, cause that natural love to partake of the Divine, or have his nature relieved of such sin and error.

Man is a mere creature and cannot create anything higher than himself. Neither can he, of or by himself, rise above his own creation. So, you must not let the teachings of the Bible, and what men write or have professed to have written, keep you from receiving and understanding what I shall hereafter write.

I will write no more tonight, but from now on I will tell you the Truths which will be the New Gospel for mankind to benefit by. When they have heard my messages, they will believe that there is only One God, and only One to be worshiped.

With my love and blessings, I will close for this time.

Your brother and friend,




Mr. Padgett's Wife, Helen, Affirms That Jesus Wrote.


I AM HERE. Helen.

 Yes, I am here and I love to be with you.

The savior of men. He was with you and I was so glad, as I feel that you will now believe that I am in the spirit world and in the Love of God. He is the savior who came down from heaven to save men. Let his love for you help you to become a more spiritual man. God will bless you in all your doings.

Good night.




John H. Padgett Affirms That Jesus Wrote Through Mr. Padgett.


I AM HERE. Your father.

 Yes, it is true. He was with you and you will soon learn much more from him, as he says that he will teach you the Truth and the Light and the Way. Love God and keep His Commandments. Let your heart be open to the Divine teachings of the Master. He will not show you all the love he has for you, but will let you feel that he is your loving friend and savior.

Because he loves you and believes that you may be of some benefit to the world.



He is not the savior of the few but of all who will ask him to help them. Let your love for God increase and you will not be unhappy or cast down.

Good night.

Your father,




Mr. Padgett's Grandmother, Ann Rollins, Also Declares That Jesus Wrote.


I AM HERE. Your grandmother.

Give your heart to the Lord and He will bless you, as you will soon realize.

He did, and he will come to you again soon. He is waiting to tell you of the Truths that he is longing to have you know. He is not going to let you feel that he is away up in the heavens, far beyond the reach of men, but is with them all the time, working and trying to save them from their sins. Let your love for God and His Truths keep you from unbelief and doubt. Be a true seeker after the knowledge that is in Christ, and you will not be long in doubt as to which is the Way to eternal happiness. Keep trying to find the Truth. He told me that he would come to you so that you might not doubt any longer. And he is not going to leave you again, as he did some years ago when your heart was hard and sinful.

You must believe that he came to you. He is no other than Jesus of the Bible.

I will love and help you at all times.

Your grandmother,




Mr. Padgett Received This Second Formal Message from Jesus Only a Few Days After the First.


I AM HERE. Jesus.

As I told you, I will write my second message tonight. I am not going to tell you of my Father's Kingdom at this time, but of His Nature as my God and your God.

He is the only One Who is Supreme, and All-Powerful and Loving and Wise. He is not a Being of form or individuality, as men understand, but is a Substance of Being and Soul. His Soul is that part of Him which embraces all the Affections and Love, and which is bestowed on man in order that he may become like his Father.

I am not yet so possessed of that Soul Essence as to make me just like the Father in all His Attributes. But I expect that some time in the future, when I have received that Divine Essence in all Its fulness, I will be likened unto the Father, and so may every one of His creatures if they will only seek for It with true faith and earnestness.

The Father is not capable of being seen with the physical or spiritual sight, but can only be seen with the soul's eyes of Perfect Love. He is not in any particular place, or seated on a throne in His Heavens, but His Attributes are everywhere and fill the whole universe. The earth is a very small portion of the universe, and men must not believe that God is only in the heavens where the sons of earth go when they cease to live as mortals.

God is a God of Love, above everything else; and the sooner mankind learns and believes that fact, the sooner will happiness exist on the earth, as well as in the heavens. He is not a God of hatred, nor does He chastise His children in wrath or anger. His Love is with all mankind, be they saints or sinners, and no man suffers punishment because the Father wants him to suffer. He is also a God of Mercy and Forgiveness, and He will forgive the sins of men and shed His Mercy over them if they will truly and in sincerity ask His Forgiveness and seek His Mercy.

He is also a God of Wisdom. And His Plans for the redemption and salvation of mankind are the only plans that can be adopted for men to try to follow in order that they may receive this salvation. He is also a God of Power. And, in the days to come, when He sees fit to carry out and perfect His Plans in their full fruition, He, through the working of His Spirit, which is Perfect in Its working, will destroy all sin and error in His Universe; and perfect harmony will reign and man will be at peace and happiness.

So, God is everything in Nature and Attributes which will not only redeem men from their sins but will also make them lovers of one another and brothers in the true sense of the word. The world will not be destroyed, as it is taught by some in the interpreting of the Bible. But, when the great day of judgment comes, all sin will be eradicated from the world, and mankind will continue to live upon the earth, free from sin and unhappiness, just as it is supposed Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden.

Never has man seen God. The stories in the Old Testament about some of the prophets and leaders of the Jews in their early captivity and wanderings are not true, for God cannot be seen as therein described. His angels and messengers, who were at one time mortals of earth, were seen, and they spoke to the prophets and represented themselves as being angels of God. But no angel or spirit ever represented himself to be God-not even the angels who delivered the tablets of stone to Moses, as it is written. God worked always through His angels, and never directly, as some of the Bible writers teach. I was His chosen son to do the work of redeeming the earth from sin, and I came as my Father's representative. I never was God, nor did I ever claim to be, either to my disciples or to the Jews or the Sanhedrin.

It is written in the Bible that the "voice" of God spoke to my disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, and to John and those present at my baptism. But it was not the voice of God, but the voice of one of God's highest angels.

No man has ever heard the "voice" of God, for He has no voice. He works in a silent, mysterious way through the operation of His Soul upon the souls of men, just as the coming of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. While the Bible says that there was a noise, as of a mighty wind, yet that was not perceptible to the physical ears of the disciples. They felt the presence of such a Manifestation in their souls. And in order to have mankind understand that there was this wonderful Manifestation, they used the imagery of the "voice" of a mighty wind. So, man must understand that God "speaks" to man through His angels, or through the communication of His Soul and theirs.

I speak thus because I want it made plain that God is not the person, loving or otherwise, which the Bible may teach man that He is. He is only the Personification of Love, Power, and Wisdom, and is without form or personal appearance, such as mortals and spirits have. This is my knowledge of what God is.

I will not write further tonight.

With my blessing and love,




 Ann Rollins Continues a Discussion of Jesus' Discourse on the Father's Being and Nature.


I AM HERE. Your grandmother.

You must not think that because the Master said that God is a Personification of Love, Power, and Wisdom, that there is no real God, but merely an "abstract being" representing these Attributes. He is a real Being. And these Attributes are His, and not the combination of the Attributes. He exists, and without Him there would be no Love, Wisdom or Power. He is the Creator of these Principles, and not their creature.

As Jesus said, God is without form or substance, such as mortals and spirits have; yet He has a Spiritual Substance that is real, and not shadowy or nonexistent. Pantheism is different from what God is.

While His Attributes are everywhere, yet, He is of an identical Substance of Spirit. So, do not let the idea possess you that he is not a Being, for He is. And even though we cannot see Him, or feel Him as a Spirit, yet, He exists as His Own, True Self. So, believe in a Personal God in that sense.

I know that it is hard to comprehend the true conception of His Being. But the higher we get in the scale of Love, the more apparent becomes His real Existence as a Being. Do not let your inability to grasp the true meaning of this description of God and His Nature lead you to think that He is a mere "essence." He is real! And to us who have received a large amount of His Love and Essence, He becomes as real as if we could see and feel Him with spiritual eyes and hands.

I know the difficulties in the way of your finite mind grasping the true conception of His Being, but, as Love draws you closer to Him, the mind gives way to the perceptions of the soul, and God appears as a real, existing Being, the Creator of all.

I want to tell you further that God (the God of the Master), while He works through His angels, yet, He, Himself, comes into our souls by His direct Communication. The Holy Spirit is His Messenger that causes the souls of men to "hear" and receive this Soul Communication. Yet, God's Love comes direct from Himself. And when man was created in the likeness of God, he was given a soul that was capable of receiving the Soul Essence of the Father. Neither in his physical nor spiritual form was man created in the image of his Father, because the Father has no such forms; but, in the Soul Essence, the image was made alike.

Yet, man is of such a great degree in God's Creation that he can refuse to receive this Soul Essence, if he so wills. His soul is capable of receiving It, but is not compelled to do so. And while man has the image, yet, if he neglects to receive the Substance, he will never become at-one with the Father. That image will never be more than an image only.

God is so Good that He implanted what may be called the natural love in man's soul; and that love is sufficient to make him comparatively happy. And in the great day when sin and error shall be destroyed, man's natural love will be able to cause this happiness.

But man will not be at-one with the Father in the larger sense, and will not take on the Divine Nature of his God. So, you see the necessity of seeking this wonderful union with the Father.

I must stop now.