The Holy Spirit, the Conveyer of God's Divine Love into the Souls of Men. What it is, What it is not.

The Holy Spirit.
Many Who Think That They Have Received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Have Only Advanced in the Purification of Their Natural Love. Jesus Explains the Difference Between God's Spirit and the Holy Spirit
I am here, Jesus;
Let me write for a short time upon a subject that will be of interest to you and to those who may read my messages. What I desire to write upon tonight is the condition of those who think they have received the inflowing or baptism of the Holy Spirit, when the fact is that they have received only that advancement in the purification of their natural love, and toward a harmony with the laws of their creation, that has caused them to believe that what they experience must be the result of a bestowal of the Love which the Holy Spirit brings to mortals.
So many humans indulge in this mistake; and in the happiness which their experience brings to them, growing out of such an increase in the harmony, they fully believe that the Holy Spirit has taken possession of their souls and caused the happiness. But in thus concluding, they are deceiving themselves, and will realize their mistake when they come to an awakening in the spirit life.
The Holy Spirit is that part of God's spirit that manifests His presence and care in conveying His Divine Love into men's souls. This Love is the highest and greatest and most holy of His possessions, and can be conveyed to men only by the Holy Spirit; and this appellation is used in contradistinction to the mere spirit, which demonstrates the operation of God's Soul to men in other directions and for other purposes.

His creative spirit and His caring spirit and the spirit that makes His laws and designs effective in the governing of the universe are not the Holy Spirit, though they are equally part of God's Soul, and equally necessary for the manifestations, of His Powers and the exercise of the energies of His Soul. These spirit energies deal with the things of the universe that do not have interrelationship with the Soul of God and the souls of men. But whenever the Holy Spirit is spoken of, it should mean only that part of God's spirit which transforms the souls of men into, the substance of the Soul of God in its quality of love.
I heard the preacher discourse Sunday night on the work of the Holy Spirit as portrayed in the contents of the New Testament, and saw that his conclusions from these contents were wholly erroneous and apart from the truth. As he said, the effects of the workings of the Holy Spirit are shown in more ways than one, and not everyone upon whom It is bestowed is filled with the same powers of displaying Its presence and possession.
Now in all these evidences of Its existence in the experiences given, it must be understood that It is limited in Its operations to those conditions and manifestations that have their source in the Divine Love of the Father bestowed upon mankind at my coming in the flesh; and that those evidences of spirit that have no relationship to this Love are not evidences of the presence of the Holy Spirit. As mentioned in the New Testament, when the Holy Spirit was bestowed upon my disciples at Pentecost, It came as "with the sound of a mighty rushing wind" (which has been explained to you before) that "shook the room" in which the disciples were assembled, and filled them with Its powers.

This only means that this Divine Love came into their souls in such abundance that they were shaken in their souls, to such an extent that they thought the building in which they were assembled was disturbed. But they were mistaken in this, for the effect of the presence of the Holy Spirit is not to affect the things of inanimate nature, but is confined to the souls of men.

And the preacher must know that because men are possessed with powers to accomplish the mental or material things of their living, they are not necessarily possessed with the Holy Spirit. Much of the physical healing of mortals is caused by spirit powers that are not connected with, or proceed from, the Holy Spirit. That there is evidence of this, men will recollect that the Old Testament is full of instances where men were healed of their diseases, and other wonderful things performed, at the time when the Holy Spirit was excluded from man's possession.

Yet these marvels (as then considered) were performed by men claiming to be endowed with the spirit of God. This spirit of God is still working for the good and happiness of mankind, and it will continue to work until men shall become in harmony with themselves as first created.

I understand the object of the preacher in attempting to show and convince his hearers that because they have not those powers that, the Bible describes as having been possessed by my disciples after the bestowal of the Holy Spirit, they must not believe and conclude from that that they (his hearers) have not this blessing. His intentions and efforts were commendable, and arose from the desire that his hearers should not become disheartened and disappointed in their efforts to obtain the inflowing of the Love that the Holy Spirit brings to men. But on the other hand, his teachings were dangerous and misleading to these hearers. For the natural consequence of such teaching is to lead men into the belief or persuasion that they possess this Power and Comforter, when they do not, thus preventing them from seeking for and obtaining this Comforter in the only Way in which It can be obtained.

The Holy Spirit primarily has nothing to do with great mental or physical achievements. To say that because a man is a great inventor or philosopher or surgeon, who does things without knowing where the inspiration or suggestion to do these things comes from, and therefore he is possessed of the Holy Spirit, is all wrong and misleading.

All things, mediately or immediately, have their existence and operation and growth in the spirit of God, and only in that spirit. And this spirit is evidenced in many and varied ways in men's experience. Hence men say that they live and move and have their being in God, meaning only that they live and move and have their being in God's spirit. This spirit is the source of life and light and health and numerous other blessings that men possess and enjoy - the sinner as well as the saint, the poor man as well as the rich, the ignorant as well as the enlightened and educated - and each and all are dependent on this spirit for their being and comfort.

This is the spirit that all men possess to a greater or lesser degree. And the brilliant preacher or teacher or orator, possessing this spirit to a greater degree than his less favored brother, depends upon the same spirit. It is universal in its existence and workings, is omnipresent, and may be acquired by all men in this sense: to the degree that their mental receptivity permits. And this further demonstrates the fact that God, through and by this spirit, is with men always - in the lowest hells as well as in the highest heavens of the perfect man. It is working continuously, ceaselessly, and always at the call of men, be that call mental or spiritual. It is the thing that controls the universe, of which man's earth is an infinitesimal part.
This is the Spirit of God.

But the Holy Spirit, while a part of the spirit of God, is as distinctive as is the soul of man distinctive from all other creations of God. It is that part of God's spirit that has to do with the relationship of God's Soul and man's soul exclusively. The subject of Its operation is the Divine Love of the Father's Soul, and the object of Its workings is the soul of man; and the great goal to be reached by Its operations is the transforming of the soul of man into the substance of the Father's Love, with Immortality as a necessary accompaniment.

This is the Great Miracle of the universe; and so high and sacred and merciful is the Transformation, that we call that part of God's spirit that so works, the Holy Spirit.

So let not teachers or preachers teach, or their hearers believe that every part of God's spirit that operates upon the hearts and thoughts and feelings of man, is the Holy Spirit, for it is not true. Its mission is the salvation of men in the sense of bringing them into that harmony with God, whereby the very souls of men will become a part of the Soul of God in substance, and not merely in image. And without this working of the Holy Spirit, men cannot achieve such union.

I have written to you before as to how this Holy Spirit works, the Way in which It can bring men the Divine Love of the Father, and what is necessary for Its inflowing. The Way described is the only Way, and men must not believe and rest in the security of the belief that every working of the spirit of God is the working of the Holy Spirit.

Except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. And such attainment is only possible by the working of the Holy Spirit. Oh preacher, upon whom a great responsibility rests, learn the Truth and then lead men into the Way of salvation!

I will not write more now, but will come again and deliver another message. Believe that I love you and am,

Your friend and brother,


The mystery of the Godhead, three in one is a myth. There is no mystery that men should not know

I am here, St. Luke.

I come to-night to write you a message upon the truth of: What the Holy Spirit is.

I know that the orthodox generally believe and classify it as a part of the Godhead, being one with and the equal of God, the Father, and not merely a manifestation of the Father, as spirit, and hence, necessarily identical with the Father, though having a different and distinct personality. 

In this belief and in this classification is included Jesus, having a distinct personality.

The orthodox preachers and theological writers teach that it is a fact that these three are one, co-equal and existing, and that fact is the great mystery of God, and that men should not endeavor to fathom the mystery, because the sacred things of God are His own, and it is not lawful for men to enter into these secrets.

Well this declaration and admonition are very wise as men's wisdom goes, and saves the expounders of these doctrines of mystery from attempting to explain what they cannot explain, because it is impossible for them to unravel that which as a fact, has no existence.

Men of thought all down the ages have sought to understand this great mystery, as they called it, and have been unsuccessful, and as the early fathers met with the same defeat in their endeavors to understand the mystery, and, then because of such defeat, declared the explanation of the doctrine to be a secret of God, not to be inquired into by men, so all these other investigators of the church when they became convinced of the futility of the search, adopted the admonition of the old fathers that God's secret must not be inquired into, for it belonged to Him alone, and sinful man and the redeemed man also must respect God's secret.

And thus from the beginning of the established church, after the death of Jesus and his apostles, was declared this doctrine of the trinity - one in three and three in one, yet only one - and made the vital foundation stone of their visible church's existence. Of course, from time to time, there arose men, both in the church, who, having more enlightenment than their brothers in the church, attempted to gainsay the truth of the doctrine and declared and maintained that there was only one God, the Father.

But they were in the minority, and not acting with the more powerful, their views were rejected; and the mystery became the church's sacred symbol of truth, unexplainable and therefore more certain and entitled to more credence. And it seems to be the tendency of men's minds, or at least of those who believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God, to welcome and encourage as the more wonderful and important and the more to be cherished, those things which savor of the mysterious, rather than those which a man may read and understand as he runneth.

Nowhere, not even in the Bible, is there any saying of Jesus to the effect that God is tripartite, consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; and, as a fact, never did Jesus when on earth teach any such doctrine, but only this: that the Father is God and the only God, and that he, Jesus, is his son and the first fruits of the resurrection from the dead, and that the Holy Ghost is God's messenger for conveying the Divine Love, and as such, the comforter.

I know that in some of the Gospels, as now contained in the Bible and adopted as canonical, it is said, in effect, that the Godhead consists of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost - these three are one - but such Gospels do not contain the truth in this respect and are not the same Gospels that were originally written. These original Gospels have been added to and taken from in the passing of the years and in the copying and the recopying that occurred before the adoption of the same.

They, the adopted ones, were compiled from many writings, and as the compilers in those early times differed in their opinions as men do now respecting religious truths, the more powerful of these having authority to declare what should be accepted, according to their interpretations of those manuscripts that were being copied, directed the copies to be made in accord with their ideas, and I may say, desires, and announced and put forth such productions to be true copies of the originals. And as these copies were successively made the preceding ones were destroyed, and hence, the earliest existing manuscripts of these Gospels came into being many years after the originals from which they were claimed to be compiled, were written and destroyed.

And I, Luke, who did write a gospel and who am acquainted with the present gospel ascribed to me, say that there are many vital things and declarations, that I never wrote and that are not true, contained in it; and many truths that I did write are not contained therein - and so with the other gospels.

In none of our Gospels did the mystery of the Godhead appear, and that for the reason that there was not and is not, and we did not teach that there was any Godhead, composed of three personalities. Only one God, the Father. Jesus was a son of man in the natural sense, and a son of God in the spiritual sense, but he was not God or a part of God in any sense except that he possessed the Divine Love of the Father, and in that sense was a part of His Essence. The Holy Spirit was not God, but merely His instrument - a Spirit - the Holy Spirit.

As you have been informed, the soul of man existed prior to man's creation in the flesh, and was the only part of man that was made in the image of God. It existed in this pristine state without individuality, though having a personality, and resembled the Great Soul of the Almighty, which Soul is God Himself; though the soul that was given to man was not a part of the Great Soul, merely a likeness of it.

Some of you mortals have said that man's soul is a part of the "Oversoul," meaning the Soul of God, but this is not true, and if in any of our communications it has been said that the soul of man is a part of the Soul of God, and I mean while it existed before its incarnation, our saying must not be so interpreted.

The ego of God as may be said, is the Soul, and from this Soul, emanates all the manifested attributes of God, such as power and wisdom and love - but not jealousy or wrath or hatred, as some of the writers of the Bible have said, for He possesses no such attributes.

The ego of man is the soul, and in his created purity and perfection from his soul emanated all the manifested attributes belonging to him, such as power and love and wisdom; and neither were jealousy nor hatred nor wrath attributes of his before his fall.

It is said that man is composed of body, soul and spirit, and this is true. From your life's experience you know what the body is, and I have told you what the soul is, and now the question arises, what is the spirit? I know that there have been for centuries great differences of opinion among theologians and other wise men as to what the spirit is; some contending that it and the soul are the same thing, and others, that the spirit is the real ego of man and the soul something of less quality and subordinate to the spirit, and others having other views, and all wrong, for as I have said the soul is the ego, and everything else connected with man and forming a part at his creation when he was pronounced to be "very good," is subordinate to the soul, and only its instrumentality for manifesting itself.

As Jesus has told you, the spirit is the active energy of the soul and the instrumentality by which the soul manifests itself; and this definition applies to the spirit of man while a mortal as well as when he becomes an inhabitant of the spirit world. The spirit is inseparable from the soul, and has no function in the existence of man, except to make manifest the potentialities of the soul in its activities. Spirit is not life, but it may become an evidence of life - it is life's breath.

And as man was created in the image of his Maker - and as spirit is only the active energy of the soul, by the application of the principle of correspondences, which one of your former psychics declared to exist, it may be assumed and it is truth, that the Holy Spirit is the active energy of the Great Soul of the Father, and, as we know from our experiences and observations, is used as the messenger of the Father to convey to mankind His Divine Love. And I do not mean to restrict the mission of the Holy Spirit to mankind in the flesh, for it also conveys and bestows this Great Love upon the souls of the Father's children who are spirits without the bodies of bone and flesh, and who are inhabitants of the spirit world. And so, it is a truth that the Holy Spirit is not God and no part of the Godhead, but merely His messenger of Truth and Love emanating from his Great Soul and bringing to man Love and Light and Happiness.

So you see there is no mystery of the Godhead, and no secret that God does not wish man to know and understand, and no truth that it is contrary to God's laws and will that man shall search for and possess.

It is said that God is Spirit, and it is true; but spirit is not God, only one of his instruments used to work with mankind and the spirits of men. To worship the instrument is blasphemy, and only God alone must be worshiped. Jesus must not be worshiped as God, the Holy Spirit must not be so worshiped, and the sooner men learn this Truth and observe it the sooner they will get in at-onement with the Father, and please the master, who, as some may not know, is the greatest worshiper of the Father in all his universe.

I have written longer than I expected, but I hope from my message many mortals may receive the truth, and believe that the Holy Spirit is not one of the Godhead, and that the mystery of the Godhead is a myth, without body, soul or spirit, and that there is no truth in all God's universe that man is not invited to search for and understand and possess.

I will now stop and in doing so, will leave you my love and blessings, and will pray to the Father to send the Holy Spirit to you with great abundance of the Divine Love.
Good-night and God bless you until I come again.

Your brother in Christ, Luke.


The Holy Spirit is not God. No unpardonable sin

I am here, Jesus.

I want to tell you, once and for all, that the Holy Ghost is not God, and that the unpardonable sin is a thing which has no existence, either in the world of mortals or in the spirit world. I never used the expression contained in the Bible in reference to the unpardonable sin, and it has done more harm to my cause than most any other thing.

Well, I was not conceived by the Holy Ghost as many believe. I was a man created and born as other men; only, as I have told you, I was without sin.

All writings which make the Holy Spirit equal to the Father are untrue. The Holy Spirit, as I have told you, is a mere instrument of God in doing His work among men, and for men to believe that the Holy Spirit is God, is blasphemy - but even that sin, will be forgiven men.

I hope that before we get through our writings I will make it so plain and convincing that the Holy Spirit is not God, but a mere spirit, though the Greatest Spirit in His kingdom, that men will cease to worship it as God.

Yes, I will write a formal message on this subject, and you will see that the Holy Spirit cannot possibly be God. So do not let this question interfere with your belief in me or in what I write to you. You are now in the way to truth and the kingdom; and if you will continue to pray and have faith you will become an inhabitant of that kingdom, no matter what the Bible may say which is apparently in conflict with what I write. So with all my love, I will say goodnight.

Your friend and brother,


What Is the Holy Spirit and how It works

I am here, John.

I merely want to say that your condition is improving, and that in a few nights we will be able to continue our messages, and then you will find yourself happier in more ways than one. I mean that you will feel better spiritually.

I was with you tonight at the meeting, and it did you good, for there were many spirits present who have the Love to a more or less degree, and of course, their influence was being exercised on and felt by the worshipers.

The preacher is a man with a considerable amount of the Divine Love in his soul, and if he only had the true conception of Jesus he would find himself possessing more of this Love; and his idea of the Holy Spirit is such that it interferes with his receiving the effect of the work of the Spirit. He thinks and believes it to be an entity - in other words a being of substance and thought and sentient capacity, whereas, as you know, it is not, but merely the evidence of the working of God's own soul in bestowing upon mortals His Love and mercy.

The Spirit is God's messenger for this purpose and is not a creation of His, as is Jesus and mankind. It is merely an energy of the soul of the Father, conveying His Love. The Spirit could have no existence without the Soul of the Father, and is entirely dependent upon the powers of that Soul for its existence, and only in the sense that it conveys God's Love, can it be called the Comforter. And to grieve the Spirit, as the preacher said, means only that the Love of God is grieved, which is in fact not true, for this Love is never grieved, as it is so great and so intense in its desire that men shall receive it, that it never becomes grieved, though it is often disappointed, as you may say, that men will not receive it.

It is always present waiting for men to receive it, and by their longings and prayers, cause their souls to be opened up to its reception. And this remember: that this Love of the Father is so very great that the Spirit which conveys it to man cannot become grieved.

Well, I did not intend to write on this subject tonight and what I have said is merely fragmentary, but sometime I will come and write in detail.

You must pray more and let your faith increase and you will find out what the Holy Spirit is, and how it operates. Your prayers will be answered, and a great inflowing of the Love, and also your desires will be realized. Keep up your courage and you will not be disappointed. Today may look dark and dreary, but tomorrow the sun will shine, and you will enjoy the sunlight.

I will not write more now. So with my love and blessings, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,