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Faith or Doubt? 07 Mar 2014 09:46 #6392

  • Ian
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Doubt is the great preventative and the self created enemy of the souls aspirations, it is the false beliefs of the mind that creates doubt, which in turn blocks the souls development and prohibits God's Divine Love from entering it.
So to doubt is just saying no to God's great gift, it is the opposite of faith and because doubt is a willful exercise even though that person may wish it was not, the doubt will prevent that persons prayers from becoming a reality, even though that person is praying for God's Divine Love.
This is why faith must be understood and exercised to its fullest degree.

Jesus explains to Mr. Padgett.

Well, you let doubt come into your mind, and as a consequence, your soul does not respond, although, strange as it may seem, the Divine Love is there, but when this mental doubt exists, it is as if it were a covering which prevents the existence of the Love in the soul to shine forth and produce the great feeling of happiness and joy which otherwise you might experience.

The mental condition of the mortal, undoubtedly has a great influence on the consciousness of the man as to his possession of this soul development and the Divine Love, and consequently, there will have to be this continuous fight as long as life lasts on earth, between the mental conditions and the soul's consciousness. But as the mental beliefs are brought into harmony with the soul's condition, more and more the fight will grow weaker and less frequent, and it is possible that they will cease altogether, and the mental beliefs become entirely and absolutely subordinated or rather absorbed in the soul's consciousness of its being possessed of this Divine Love of the Father.
There are no devils and no satan

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Re:Faith or Doubt? 07 Mar 2014 21:32 #6393

  • Joan
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Very good analysis, Ian. I choose faith.

I love what Luke wrote here, too, about the necessity for thinking things spiritual:

Life is short and time is fleeting, even though a man may live his allotted time of three score and ten years. And there is no place in all God's Universe, where it is so important that man should start on his way to eternal progress as in the earth life. There, the soul should have its awakening, and be fed with thoughts and strivings for spiritual things. When the start is thus made on earth, it is so much easier for the continuous progress of the soul in the spirit world. If not, the awakening may be delayed for years, and the progress which follows it may be, and is generally very slow.

So I say, let men not devote so much of their time to those things which are of time only, while they remain in the world of time until the mortal becomes a spirit. Thoughts are things; and when applied to man's spiritual development, they are things of the most vital importance. A little thought may lead a soul to a dormant, hardly living state, or cause it to grow and increase into a thing of beauty and harmony with the spiritual possibilities of its possessor.

And, as it has been said, "Where your treasures are, there will your heart be also."

And so will your thoughts be that turn man's soul into darkness, or light.

Luke's message.

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