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Re: The messages received through James E. Padgett still under attack? 06 Nov 2013 01:48 #6040

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Ian, I met John Paul Gibson several times and he ordained me in the original FCNB, only to strip me of my ministry later. There was bad blood between himself and Dr. George Stokes who formed his own DL church and community independent of Gibson. When I joined Dr. Stokes live-in community, John Paul nullified my ministry. He was a man who assumed a mantle of authority as president of the FCNB and was inflexible in negotiating a charter for a sister church with Dr. Stokes. He required several years to assemble as a study group before applying for a church charter. He spoke to the New Age ideas and seemed to have his ear to the ground about natural foods as well. He personally told me he knew Leslie Stone and helped pay for his rent as Dr. Stone lived as a pauper. That's a few details I thought I'd add too.

Perhaps there are spirits who are organized like an army to combat truth and specifically Jesus' teachings. This is a battle of good and evil as there are nefarious forces that steer folks from truth as it gives them a sense of power to influence others and steer them from truth and love. Though there is no entity called the Devil, there are devilish spirits that intend to mislead others. These forces no doubt infiltrated the mother church and they continue to seek out followers as naysayers. They've infiltrated all the DL churches and web forums.

Some of us are not affected by these influences and have maintained a very conservative position on the teachings of Jesus as received by James Padgett. Some say he contaminated Jesus' original messages and later lost his faith and abilities as a medium. This web forum however honors Padgett's work as the fulfillment of Jesus' Second Return and James Padgett as the greatest medium that as ever lived upon the earth and channeled messages of such spiritual magnitude.

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Re: The messages received through James E. Padgett still under attack? 06 Nov 2013 22:58 #6042

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The Mother Church? sounds suspiciously catholic to me, and the Judeo-Christian church sounds suspiciously, well Judeo-Christian, what has this sect got to do with the messages received through Mr. James E. Padgett?

I have another question, so far it has gone unanswered, it's this quote from Mr. Gibson.
He wrote. "I studied these messages for a period of three years and prepared sixty sermons and during this time I corresponded with Dr. Leslie R. Stone, the editor, who after minor changes approved my sermons so that I could use them."

The only sermons known are the ones by Samuels, or were they just signed by him but were written by Mr. Gibson with a few more added?

when I read these sermons many years ago I got the feeling that they were fake, it didn't take long but I read them all anyway, I didn't read them again, in fact thinking back, they seemed to have a discard or disbelieve everything effect, not only on those messages but on the messages that came through Mr. Padgett too, I was told by my spirit friend not to read the Gibson/Samuels messages any more. which I didn't neither did I want to.
I believe that here lies the root of the later problems, I believe that Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone were chosen, Mr. Gibson and Dr. Samuels weren't chosen, not by Jesus anyway, this is my opinion after doing the research.

Another thing is those Jewish holidays Gibson/Samuels made a part of their Judeo-Christian churches things to do, or is the right word to celebrate, what have these jewish holidays got to do with the messages that were delivered through Mr. Padgett, well I know the answer to that and so should everyone else, absolutely nothing, now if that doesn't cause the alarm bells to ring or cause some healthy skepticism about the motives of these men and their messages, well, no comment.

Here's a quote from John about a preacher, and we who publish these messages are all in the same boat when it comes to publicly saying anything really.

"Untruth is untruth, no matter whether it arises from honest conviction or known error, and the harm done is the same in each instance. The preacher, I have no doubt, believes what he declared to be the truth, and some things he said were true, yet the fact that he believed these doctrines to be true, will not palliate in any way his responsibility, so far as the effect of these errors on his hearers are concerned. For their sufferings and darkness, which will certainly follow their beliefs in these erroneous teachings, will be no less because the preacher was honest in his declarations, of what he supposed to be the truth."

"The truth cannot compromise with untruth."

This is all in the past, that's true but the real messages published by Dr. Stone that we find on most websites that promote the real messages are integrated with these messages from Samuels and Gibson, so it's not entirely true that it all happened in the past and it's finished with now, as it is obvious that what these men did back then still has an effect today and will have an effect into the future until these messages are removed or separated from the original messages that were received through Mr. Padgett.

Truth mixed with lies is such a dangerous thing, it has the effect of dragging people in then messing them up in the spirit of confusion.

Praying that God Blesses us all and the truth prevails.

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