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Re:The Free Will 01 Dec 2013 18:30 #6157

  • Joan
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Ian wrote:

Many, if not all who have been led to these messages and have accepted the truth and felt God's wondrous love come into their soul by following the advice that is repeated so often therein, cannot understand why these messages are not big news in the world.

I love what you wrote here, Ian. While these messages are not "big news in the world" yet... let's hope and pray that our free will choice to help Jesus with his mission may at least cause a tiny ripple in the news somewhere on this huge planet. :cheer:

Here's another excerpt from Jesus explaining why God never interferes with our free will:

"God never ceases to love and care for mankind and always He desires that men shall be happy and at-one with Himself, and that they shall exercise their wills in accordance with His Will and His Laws; but just as certainly does He never - by compulsion or force - endeavor to compel men to exercise their wills in a manner that is not voluntary with them. Should He do this, men would cease to be the greatest of His Creation and incapable of giving Him that voluntary love and obedience, which only is acceptable to Him."

What Men Can Do to Eradicate War and Evil from Men's Souls. Jesus Never Came to Bring a "Sword," but to Bring Peace Through His Teachings

Well, as I've posted before, I've given God my voluntary love and I choose to follow His will because I want to be happy... simple as that. So thank you, God. :)

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Re:The Free Will 01 Dec 2013 19:45 #6158

  • MichaelD
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I may be off here so feel free to pitch in and correct me.
My understanding is humans have thought and animals have instinct. Humans have soul and animals do not. So to say animals have free will of thought might be interpreted as limited to instinct of thought. They know they are hungry and thirsty but cannot decide that they must turn on the facet to get water.

Humans have emotions that tell you the choice is going to have ramifications. Narcissists and sociopaths do not have this emotion and have no fear of actions.

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