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Seek and you shall find 03 Sep 2011 22:56 #4976

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Seek and you shall find

Maybe you know about the problems involved when informing people about God's Divine Love, usually they just don't get it, they may see some truth in it, it may sound convincing and they may even agree, but most of the time it just doesn't sit with them, I mean they won't go all the way and find out for themselves and see if it is true or not, as the the only way this can be proven is through their own personal experience.

I think there is a reason for this, well one of them anyway and here it is, until they seek for themselves they will never get it, because they haven't searched for it, someone might come to this website and read some messages, but if they haven't been searching for the truth it just won't register, they won't understand it, also, I know some come to the website searching for truth and see at once that it wasn't the truth they were searching for and click out.

As it is stated in the messages, when spirits reach the last mind sphere, the sixth, that's the finality of their search and usually they seek no higher, even though sometimes the angels come to them and tell them that there is a celestial heaven or heavens, and even though the angels are more beautiful in every way, this is not enough to convince them, so, is it because they are not searching? and until they resume their searching, this time in the way of soul development, they are in a condition of stagnation.
They also state that the vast majority of all who have ever been incarnated will never enter the celestial heavens.

Nonetheless, we can only keep on trying to tell as many as possible about this great gift from God, in this world and the next until the great day comes and the separation occurs.

God watches us and knows what we do, these messages that revealed the way to us are the messages that can reveal the way for all, no matter who, where or what condition they may be in.
So the work at hand is to get them out to the people, we know many will reject them and not want to know the truth, and if our mission is a success at least they will have heard about them and know what they are about, so when someone is introduced to the messages they then have a choice to learn about the only way to at-onement with God, or decline, which ever way, the mission is completed and deemed successful.

I thought I'd write this because I know about the situation we are in, we cannot convert, that's up to individuals, we can only inform and when we do that we have done our part in this great work.
Even though someone may reject it now, that may change in the future, they might even take heed of what they were told, change course and seek God and His Divine Love.

Love and Blessings, Ian

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