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A Nice Story for the Children 19 Feb 2011 00:03 #4019

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The sheep were huddled together on the grassy hillside, they ate and chatted among themselves as usual.
"Look at him over there", said one of the sheep to another, "he always does things in his own way. He never eats with us and although he is gentle and polite, I do not like him".
The other sheep who were listening to the conversation nodded in agreement.
"Look at him,! he is even the wrong colour, he’s black,! why is he so different from us?"
By this time all of the sheep had heard the conversation, and all were now, staring at the little black sheep that stood alone a distance away.
"I think, said one of them, that he thinks that he is too good for us, look at the way he stares back at us".
The little black sheep walked further away from the flock, towards his secret place beyond the pastures amongst the rocks and snakes.
"Why am I so different from the rest of the flock?. They hate me I know it. Why am I so alone?
The little black sheep peered up at the great blue sky, forever changing, forever beautiful," I do not want to live anymore, fall on me sky, that my pain will go away."
He bowed his head in shame over the forbidden request he had asked for.
The little black sheep waited and waited for the final blow, and he waited, then fell into a deep sleep.
"Wake little one" Boomed through his head, startling him to his feet. The great ram stood over the little black sheep in all his majestic glory.
"Am I dead now? Who are you?, asked the little black sheep.
The Great Ram lowered his head, his horns glittered against the brilliant red sky, his fleece scattering golden dust in the wind.
The little black sheep stood trembling with fright before the awesome Ram of all sheep.
The great Ram lifted himself and placed himself upon his throne.
He asked, "Little one, why are you here?"

"I am an outcast, he replied, everyone hates me, its because of my black fleece I think, or because I was born to be disliked, who knows?"
The Great Ram spoke with such power that everything listened, even the rocks and snakes.
"You are overwhelming yourself with petty problems, little one. This is blinding you to the truth, which leads you to deny the strength and worth you were born with."
"Tell me little one, what is your position?"
"I have told you Great Ram, I am an outcast."
Listen to me little one, being different does not mean being wrong, it means that you are unique, it means that you have a wonderful challenge ahead of you which needed special training, it means something exciting, something worth while, something important."
"The other sheep need you, although they do not realise it now.
Little one I will tell you a secret so that you may understand, You are their Savior. You are born to lead your flock away from their own ruin, they have no-one among them who can guide them."

The little black sheep listened inattentively, but he seemed to remember something he had forgotten, something to do with what the Great Ram was saying.
"Can you recall the promise you made little one?" asked the Great Ram.
"Within the span of three days, an earthquake will topple every hillside in your valley, if nothing is done, death will take them all. But you are different little one, you tread amongst the rocks and snakes, you know the way out of the valley because you have been there.
You can lead them to safety, they needed a guide and you came. Unlike you they do not possess the qualities of stamina and courage, they do not know the way out of the valley.
what you think are your weaknesses are really your strengths.
Do what you will little one, you are always loved whatever you do, and remember you are never alone, for I am with you.

The Great Ram faded from sight and the little black sheep was left standing alone.
"I must tell them" he thought, "but how?" "They never listen to me."
He walked back to where the flock was grazing on the hillside, all the time thinking of how he could tell them what he had been told.
As he approached the flock, he saw that they were all looking at him.
"We thought you had left us once and for all," bleated one of the sheep.
"No, he replied, I have come to lead you away from a disaster that will happen within three days."
On hearing the little black sheep’s reply they all began to laugh.
"What are you talking about?" " have you gone mad now?" "You! are going to lead us?" How ridiculous you are."
And they carried on laughing.
He tried once more to tell them what he had been told.

"There will be an earthquake, none of you will survive if you do not leave now.
I know the way out, I can lead you all to safety."
The flock became silent, then one of them spoke.
"Who do you think you are? Coming here telling us tales of disaster." "Are you trying to frighten us? Are you trying to make us follow you? Said one of the sheep that stood at the back of the flock.
By this time the ram of the flock had made his way to the front, and now stood face to face with the little black sheep.
"You must leave us," he said. "You are creating too much distress amongst us." How can anyone believe that what you are saying is true? "Go now, leave us in peace."

Just as the flock began to turn away, the wind blew with such a force that it stopped them in their tracks. Golden dust swirled around them, falling on the flock.
"What’s happening?" they bleated, where is it coming from? "Its coming from him," exclaimed one of them.
The little black sheep raised his head, realising what was happening. He remembered that the great ram had sprinkled some of his golden dust onto him, and now it was being sprinkled onto them.
"Now we believe you. you are a messenger of The Great Ram who protects us," they cried.
The wind stopped, and they were silent while they observed each others fleeces which were now glistening with golden dust.

The little black sheep started to walk away from the flock, heading towards the stony pass that lead out from the luscious pastures of the hills and valleys.
"Follow me! I know the way to safety" said the little black sheep. Then one after the other they followed him through the barren landscape.
On the third day the ground began to shake, slightly at first, then with such force that the flock fell one on top of the other. Finally it stopped and none were hurt.

"The little black sheep has saved us all," they cried.
"Where is he? let us thank him and beg his forgiveness because we doubted him so," they cheered. They looked for him but he was no-where to be found.
The little black sheep, who had suffered so much at the hands of those he was destined to help, had gone.
He had been taken by his father, the great Ram, and the mission was completed.

By Ian Nicol

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Re:A Nice Story for the Kids 19 Feb 2011 12:59 #4022

  • Dan
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Ian wrote:

"Tell me little one, what is your position?"
"I have told you great Ram, I am an outcast."
Listen to me little one, being different does not mean being wrong, it means that you are unique, it means that you have a wonderful challenge ahead of you which needed special training, it means something exciting, something worth while, something important."

This is a great message to children of all ages who may feel like they're different too and misunderstood. Ultimately, this misunderstanding is really not from others but the misunderstanding of ourselves and accepting the uniqueness and specialness that each of us possesses. It's takes courage to be different and to move away from the pack (status quo) and step to the beat of a distant drummer. It takes courage to think for ourselves and not let others think for us and to make our own decisions based on what is true within our heart even when others are maybe laughing at us. In a world of peer pressure it takes courage "to thine own self be true". This message Ian, is timeless and this story is precious. Thank you for writing and sharing it.


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Re:A Nice Story for the Kids 20 Feb 2011 06:00 #4029

  • Joan
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Very nice story, Ian, and I liked your response Dan.

I see this as a two-part story and the first is about acceptance, as we all want to be liked, and even loved and sometimes we go through the same experience as the little black sheep, where we were called names, made fun of, hit for no reason, or had rocks thrown at us. This all happened to me during the time of my youth and it didn't make me feel good about myself or those who did it. So I related to the little black sheep when he called out in pain that he didn't want to live any more.

But as with the little one, he was not alone or unloved and neither was I, as my Father came to my rescue and saved me from doom. And finally he went to live with His Father and that's where I'll be going, too.

The second part is about God's Divine Love... the golden dust, our savior. As the little black sheep was on a mission, well, so are we all here, because we have been sprinkled mightly by the Great Ram, who is God our Father. May we be further blessed with His wonderful Love and guidance as we follow His will to lead His other children to the Kingdom.

Love and blessings,

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