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The Power of Divine Love 09 Nov 2014 10:47 #6727

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Hi David, I agree, I think there are more distractions than we are aware of here, and if we are talking about things that can veer us away from the truth, then non divine spirit influence is one of them, a biggy I think because the world has been influenced and modeled by spirits of all kinds for millennium..

As I see it many of these distractions are just man made distractions that have been invented for the purpose of building nations and controlling the populace, and this same procedure seems like it has gone on for such a long time that we take it as a normal part of human life, many accept this because they cannot see any alternatives, and so, they accept it either willingly or unwillingly.
So maybe this could be defined as a not so obvious distraction and for some a totally unseen distraction.
I believe there is a great need to see beyond what has gone on before we came here and a great need to re-ask the basic questions that many have wondered about but found no answers, like, what are we? why are we here? what is the purpose of this life? where are we going? etc., the basic questions, which answers are found in these messages and it is as you say David a blessing to know the answers to these questions, even though these truths can be expanded upon they will never become untruths.

One effect that this life has on people is this, when we pass over it will be our soul condition that decides where we will start in the spirit world, so in that respect this is a kind of kinder garden where people are born, but existed before, where we get old, but do not age, where people die, but nobody dies, for the materialist this is absurd but for the one that knows they are a soul, this is a truth.

The the truth does set you free, it needs to be sought after though and the distractions will show themselves for what they are, merely distractions.
Love and Blessings, Ian
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The Power of Divine Love 09 Nov 2014 13:57 #6729

  • Dan
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"notwithstanding all these drawbacks and stumbling blocks of the earth life, the soul of man may receive this divine love without limitations and to an abundance that will make him a new creature, as the scriptures say. "

I like this message too Ian as it says to me to not wait on the possibility of a new creature morphing into my soul here on earth as the possibilities are great. We hear that the earth life is the most mportant phase in our development and like you say, a kindergarten, of learning and growth. Early childhood psychologists say that the formative years of a child, which is new born thru the toddler stage, is the most important part of their life as they are like a sponge and are not only surrounded by a language envelope but their entire personality is formed at this time. The loving influences or not so loving influences of it's parent factor into whether they perceive the world as safe or unsafe as their needs are met or unmet. Despite the fact that the child had yet had any formal education, the entire person has already formed and remains with them all their life. How impactful then is this when we consider the importance of the earth life in the maturation of a newly arrived soul? Not only is it forming the basic building blocks of it's mind, learning language, forming distinct lifetime personality traits, it is also in a spiritual maturation as a soul and not just a mind/body that may or may not discover God. You recall what the Celestials have written that often spirits have to go back to their Sunday School training as children to recall that they prayed to God to re-kindle their desires again to pray to a higher being. And then there's the matter of sin. How does one reconcile themselves in the face of their sins and mistakes while on earth. Has that soul sought their own forgiveness and redemption? You recall as well that those that make the start while on earth have it much easier when they pass over as now is the important time in our future destiny in the spirit world.

Great discussion happening here. David, I've been thinking about the nature of material distractions as it relates to prayer. I'll be praying in the early morning like I do everyday while everyone else here is asleep. In short order my mind has wandered and I'm thinking about a client and maybe even having a conversation going on in my mind with them and I say, how did I just slip out of prayer undetected and ended up somewhere else that I had no conscious intention of going there? Of course the question is unanswerable to me so I simply pray to God and ask for help with this. Sometimes I can remain in prayer for longer periods but it frustrates me that these distractions exist.

With loving regards,

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The Power of Divine Love 14 Nov 2014 07:17 #6737

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Hi Ian, great questions you ask. But as you said, most are consent to accept things as they are whether it’s their religious beliefs or material distractions because they are comfortable in going with the flow or living in what they believe is normal and correct. So few are willing to ask deep questions and simply except things as they are. The distractions of our material world are great and tempting and prevent so many from seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Love so that all else will come unto them.

Dan, I too have difficulty praying without being distracted by minds internal commotion. Sometimes I can stay focused but often I slip into thinking about my daily affairs and other less important things. Maybe someday I will find a way to focus my prayers on a consistent basis. But I have read that not all prayers have to be formed into words; they are desires which well up inside of us and then release themselves to God for His answer or Benevolent response. Actually, this is when I have had the most success is when my soul has reached out to Him through feelings especial deep feelings, but regrettably this soulful prayer does not happen often and usually only when I’m in distress. I think God hears all of our prayers, no matter how quietly spoken but those that are given from the soul are given special attention.

I agree with you Loren and Dan, early childhood is very important to the development of a child. If a soul is born into an environment that is very unhealthy, the child absorbs this negativity and sickness and then takes that into adulthood and teaches these same behaviors to his or her own children thereby perpetuating the same unhealthy conditions. When we are aware of this it makes it easier to see our sisters and brothers who act in unloving ways with eyes of compassion and sympathy rather than feelings of anger and resentment. It is as though they have been covered in mud and just have to have this mud cleared away. God’s Love is the water that will wash this mud from their souls and allow there true loving nature to shine forth.

always with Love,

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