The Celestial & Spiritual Spheres

Helen Arrives in the Third Sphere, Describes Her Home and Surroundings,
and Discusses the Importance of Receiving God's Divine Love


I am here, Helen.

I am very happy for I have so much Love of God in my heart that I cannot think of any thing that tends to make me unhappy.

Yes, my home is very beautiful and I am perfectly delighted with it. It is made of white marble and is surrounded by lawns and flowers and trees of various kinds. The grass is so very green and the flowers are so beautiful and variegated. The trees are always in foliage and have such beautiful limbs and leaves. I am most pleased with my home, I mean the building. There are many beautiful pictures on the walls, and the walls are all frescoed and hung with fine coverings, and the floors are inlaid with beautiful mosaics. I have all the splendid furniture that I could possibly wish for, and my library is full of books of all kinds, especially of those that tell of God and His Love for man. You would be in your element if you could be with me.

I have music, such as you never heard on earth, and instruments of various kinds which I am learning to play, and I sing with all my heart and soul as the days go by. I have beds on which I lie down, but I never sleep. We do not need sleep here. We only rest, for sometimes we get tired from our work and are greatly refreshed by lying on the beds and couches. which are so comfortable that we do not realize that we are tired after lying down a little while.

Yes I do, and when I sing I think of you and wish that you could hear me as you did when I was with you in the body. I like "The Song that Reached my Heart" it seems to bring me more in rapport with you than any of the others, although "Sing Me to Sleep" is one that I enjoy to sing very much.

Yes, we eat fruit and nuts, but do not do so because we are hungry, but more because we enjoy the flavors so much. And we drink water, pure and sweet, as it makes us feel so refreshed when we are a little tired. No, our fruit is not of the earthly kind - it is so much more delightful that I am unable to describe it to you. And the nuts are different, also. Yes, the water is purer than what you have and is more refreshing.

No, our instruments are not like those on earth. They are not stringed instruments, but are played by our thoughts of goodness and love. We do not use fingers or lungs, but merely thoughts, and if they are pure and loving, our music is very beautiful and not discordant.

Yes, I am, when you are asleep or doing something in the line of your work - then you do not need me and I am free to leave you. You must not think that I am not free to leave you when I am with you, for I am, and I come to you of my own free will. But love compels, and in that particular, I am not free and don't want to be. Your love to me is the greatest thing, except God's Love, in all the world, and without it I would be very unhappy. You do not know how very necessary your loving me is to my happiness, and you must never cease to love me, for if you do not I will not enjoy my home or the spirit world so much. Yes, I know, but I sometimes fear that you may forget to think of me as I want you to.

Yes, it is permanent, and the house and trees and flowers are more real to me than were ever the houses and trees and flowers on earth. They are not shadowy as you may think, but are so very substantial that they never decay or grow old.

Yes, I have one selected for you now, and will make it so beautiful that you will wonder how it was possible for me to do so. There will be so much love in it that there will be no room for anything that is not in harmony with my love, and you will realize that your own Helen loves you with all the love that a soul can have for its mate.

Yes, we will be together in every way and separated only while we are doing some of God's work. You will be with me in all my thoughts and I will be with you in your thoughts. Love will keep us through all eternity.

Yes, we will love our parents and children just as much as on earth, but they will not need our love so much, as they will have their own soulmates to love them. We will visit them and be visited by them, and enjoy their society even more than when on earth. They will love us very much, but the love that makes two souls one will exist only for the soulmates. God's Love will not interfere with that - I mean our love for God. It is of a kind that is different from our love for each other and is of a more spiritual and Holy nature.

I am so very much pleased to see that you are getting more of His Love in your heart each day, and soon you will do the work that the Master has laid out for you to do.

Yes, I am going to try to progress into the higher planes and hope to do so as rapidly as is possible, but you may rest assured that no matter what plane I may be in, my love for you will not lessen, and I will not cease to be with you as I now am. The life in the higher spheres without you would not be complete. You are necessary to my complete happiness. God has decreed that two soulmates are intended to make one complete whole, and they must, in order to be wholly happy and to fulfill the laws of His Love, live together forever as one.

Yes, I know, because I have asked your grandmother and she has told me. You can progress on earth just as rapidly as I can here, if you will let God's Love come into your heart as fully and as abundantly as I do, and you can if you will only pray to the Father. He does not require the child of His care to be in the spirit world in order to develop his soul. You have the same soul now that you will have when you come here, and if you let God fill it with His Love while you are on earth, why should it not progress as much as it does here?
God does not intend to wait until you come over here that He may give you the full enjoyment of His Holy Spirit - it all depends upon you. If you truly and sincerely seek His Love, you will get it on earth just as easily as you can get it after you have shunned off the body. The Love of God coming into the soul of a man does not depend upon whether he is in the flesh or in the spirit. All souls must answer for the sins done in the body, but it is not necessary that such penalties be paid in the spirit world - you can pay the penalty while on earth. As you sow so shall you reap, but the reaping is not necessarily here.

If you seek earnestly for God's grace and Love you can obtain them on earth, and I am informed that when they are obtained on earth, greater will be the progress of the spirit when it comes over. So let me pray you to seek these blessings while you are in your present life, and not wait for them to be given to you after you have entered the spirit world.

Your grandmother says that she had that experience, and when she came here, she entered the Third Heaven without going through a period of expiation or purification in the lower spheres. She is a wonderfully bright and pure spirit and is very close to God and has so much of His Love in her soul that her countenance really seems an illuminated face. She is in a condition of almost perfect Love and peace, though she says that she is striving for a higher plane and a closer at-onement with her Heavenly Father. She is the one who can help you in your spiritual progress more than all others, except Jesus, who is the grandest and most glorious spirit in all the Heavens.

Let your thoughts be of a pure and holy kind, and you will soon realize that God's Love is in your soul to a degree, that will make you feel that He is your own near and dear Father. Do not doubt His Love, or that He can come to you through the Holy Spirit, for that is His messenger of Love, and it will never refuse to come into a man's heart and soul, where the desire exists to have it come, by earnest sincere prayer for its inflowing.

Be true to yourself, as I have told you, and you will soon be in God's Love and favor. Do not let worries, or disappointments keep you from seeking His Love and believing that He is waiting to enfold you in His arms of mercy and Love, for He is not only waiting but wants you to call on Him. Do not let the thought that He is afar up in the Heavens cause you to think that He is not always near you anxiously waiting your call.

He is not willing that one of His children should perish and, when they go astray, His great Heart of Love yearns for them to return and partake of His bounties and blessings. You must try with all your heart to realize this truth, for it is a truth, and is the greatest truth taught us by Jesus, who is the greatest of all teachers. Make your daily life one of prayer and aspirations, and you will see that what I have told you is not only true, but you can make it a part of yourself. You have only to let your desires turn towards God, and He will meet you more than half way, for He never sleeps or closes His ear to the supplications of His children and, those who have sought Him with an earnest and repentant wish and longing desire of the soul, know that He has always responded to their call.

You are now in the way to obtain these blessings, and I pray that you may continue, for you cannot find true happiness in any other way. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." He knew that there was only one way to obtain the Father's Love, and that is through the New Birth, which is merely the flowing into the soul of man, the Love of God, to the extent of eradicating all desires and tastes for things, which are not in harmony with God's laws and Love.

You must give your thoughts more to this vital consideration of the economy of God's being.

It is not a question of what church you belong to, or what particular faith you may have, or who your preacher may be, or to what duties you owe to the church, or to the ceremony of baptism according to the church's dogmas, but whether you have sought God in spirit and in truth, and have received His favor and Love.

This is an individual matter, and no man can be saved by the sufferings or progress of another. Each soul is a complete unit, when joined with its mate, and the spiritual condition of each soul towards God, determines what its place and happiness will be in the spirit world. So do not let the thought that it is necessary to believe in a special church dogma or any ceremony, keep you from seeking the New Birth. This is the fundamental principle that operates in the atonement of man with God, and all other doctrines are merely secondary, and need to be believed only as they may lead to a belief in this foundation.

I am writing at the dictation of your grandmother, for she knows, and I, of course, would not be able to write in this way of my own thoughts and experience.

She says that you must try to get in condition, so that the Master may write and that which he shall say will show to mankind the everlasting truths of God's kingdom and laws, and that she is a mere tyro, in the knowledge and ability to explain God's truths that Jesus will teach you. So try to become more spiritual, so that you may learn the wonderful teachings of God's Love and truth that he will give you.

You must stop writing now as you are tired and so am I.

So love your own true Helen and pray to God for Love and spiritual enlightenment, Helen

Spirits' experience when entering the spirit world and their progress
I desire to write you a short time to inform you of certain truths which you should know pertaining to the spirit life, and to what mortals who lead the lives of good and pure men may expect and be assured of realizing.
I am in the Celestial Spheres, but I shall not speak of these spheres, but only of the spiritual spheres, where men after they become disembodied spirits may live and experience a happiness which they on earth have no conception of.
When a spirit first enters the spirit world, it receives a welcome from some one or more spirits whose duties are to receive such spirit, and to show the place where it is suited to live or exist.
Such spirit is then permitted to meet its friends and relatives and to commune with them for a short or long time, and receive whatever consolation such friends or relatives may be able to give it; and in many cases, the gladness and happiness of these spirit friends cause the spirit to believe that it is in heaven, or at least, in a place of great happiness.
But after this first interview, the spirit must, by reason of the law of attraction, go to the place where its condition of soul, or its condition of moral growth or intellectual development fits it for, and there remain until such condition is made better and enables it to rise to a higher place.
No spirit, after it once gets into the place that is suited for it to live in, ever retrogrades, although it may stand still for a long number of years, and never make any progress. But this is a truth not known to a great many mortals, and spirits also, that the condition of the mortal at the time he becomes a spirit, fixes his condition and place of living when he first enters the spirit world; after he is put in such place by the law of attraction as I have said, and when once that place is found and occupied, the spirit never goes to a lower place; but either will stay in that place for a long time, or will progress - and ultimately will in all cases progress.
Well, the evil spirits find these places of habitation in the earth planes, which are many, and of varied kinds, having many different appearances, suited to the conditions of the spirits who will occupy them. A spirit who is in the lowest of these earth planes is said to be in the lowest hells, as all spirits who are in these planes where they suffer and encounter darkness, believe and say they are in hell. But this is merely a name used for convenience, for the hells are merely places forming a part of the one great universe of God.
These hells, as you may imagine, are very numerous, for the conditions of spirits are very varied, and each spirit has a place in which to live fitted to its condition.
As the spirit becomes freed from some of these conditions, which as to them causes the law of attraction to work, he progresses to a higher and better place, and finds that his surroundings are not so dark and painful. And as this progression continues, such spirit will ultimately find himself in the planes of light and comparative happiness, where the evil recollections have to a large extent left him, and the good deeds which he did on earth then come to him and cause a happiness that makes him realize that he was not all bad, and that God has been good to him in relieving him from the sins and evil thoughts which bound him to the place, from which he has progressed.
But after all this, he has not gotten into any of the spheres which are above the earth planes, and he may have to remain there for a great many years before he enters the second sphere, which is next in gradation to the earth plane. This latter plane is the most populous of all the spheres, for it has spirits coming to it in great numbers - in greater numbers than are progressing from it to higher spheres, and hence it has a greater variety of sub-planes than has any of the other spheres, and is filled with a greater variety and kind of spirits than are any of these higher spheres.
When a spirit has remained in the earth planes a sufficient length of time to put him in condition to go to the next higher sphere, he makes his progress, and is never prevented from doing so. I do not mean to say that the spirit is compelled to remain in the earth planes any particular number of years before progressing, for this is not true; on the contrary, the number of years that he remains there is determined by his condition of progress, so that some spirits may go through these planes in less than a year, and others may remain there many years.
In the second sphere, appearances are brighter and many opportunities are afforded the spirit to seek for and obtain happiness that he did not have before, and many spirits find great happiness in pursuing their intellectual studies and things of this kind, and in obtaining a knowledge of the laws of the spirit world governing what you might call, the material nature of this world and also of the earth world.
This sphere is not so well suited for the growth of the soul faculties, and those spirits whose desires and aspirations are for the development of their soul qualities, do not stay in this world or sphere very long, for they do not find that the necessary provisions for such development exists, and as a consequence, they progress to the third sphere, where they find wonderful opportunities and surroundings, which enables them to progress in these matters of the soul.
Well I see that you are tired, and I will postpone any further writing on these matters to another time.
So Goodnight - John B. Comeys


The Soul's Progression, as I Have Experienced It


I am here, Your old friend, G___

I desire to write to you tonight upon a subject which I think will be interesting, but it is so late now that I hesitate to do so. Well, as you think it will be all right, I will do so. I want to write on the subject of the soul's progression as I have experienced it.

As you know, when I first came into the spirit world, I was an unbeliever in things pertaining to the soul, except that I thought, that the soul, which in my opinion at that time was the equivalent of that part of man which survived death, would continue to exist and progress as the mental qualities of the man should be developed. I believed that the mind was the great and only thing in the future existence, and that the condition of the man in his progression would be determined as the mind was developed more and more on earth.

I had no conception of the soul as a distinct and independent existence from the mind. I thought that all the qualities and attributes of the mind were those which belonged to the soul, and that I had no others.

And so, I say, I entered the spirit world in this belief. However, I found that the mental faculties and their development did not bring to me the satisfaction which I had anticipated. Also, I met some of my friends of earth who had preceded me by long years and who were men of great mental acquirements, and I found that their conditions were not of a nature as satisfactory as I had led myself to believe that they should be. Many of these friends were only in the earth plane, and some were in darkness, which was wholly contrary to what they should be in, if my theory of the all-inclusiveness of the mind were true. All this caused me to think, and in thinking, I commenced to realize that there might be something wrong in my theory, and that the soul might be a distinct thing from the mind, in its nature and functions.

I did not find that these intellectual friends of mine had any very great happiness, nor were they satisfied with their conditions. And yet, they could not get out of their condition of darkness by the exercise of any mental progress. Of course, they were engaged in pursuing studies of one kind or another, and such studies gave them considerable happiness and satisfaction. Yet notwithstanding all this, there was some restraining force that prevented them from going to spheres higher than they were then living in.

I found that there were higher spheres where the mind was developed to a much greater degree, and where many spirits who believed in the supremacy of the mind lived and enjoyed the pursuits of their studies. And at times some of these spirits would come to our plane and tell us of the wonderful development and happiness in these higher spheres, and they would urge us to make the effort to progress and become inhabitants of them. And you may be assured that we were willing and anxious to make such progress. But, try as I would, and as my friends would, the efforts produced no visible effect, and we continued in darkness.

Being of an inquisitive nature, I sought for the reason for our inability to get out of the darkness, and at last found that the mind was not everything. Rather, the development of the moral qualities was necessary to enable us to progress as we desired; and that in order to develop these qualities, something more than the mere exercise of the mental faculties was required. Conscience must be satisfied, and our recollection of evil deeds on earth must be gotten rid of. And our qualities of soul, which determined our position and condition in the spirit world, must be so adjusted to the demands of the Laws of Harmony, that we would be able to advance in our progress to that place which such adjustment would entitle us to occupy.

I further found that the darkness in which we lived was not created by any defective condition of the mind, for many spirits whose minds were highly cultivated and possessed of unusual knowledge, were in just as much darkness as were many spirits of very meager mentality and information.

All this knowledge came to me and caused me to seek a way to improve my moral nature, and to get rid of the recollections of those things which tainted and darkened such nature. And I sought very diligently, but it was slow work and the efforts required were great.

But some progress was made. And if I had continued long enough, and had used my will powers in urging the cultivation of kind thoughts, affection, and love for the true, etc., undoubtedly I would have progressed from darkness.

This had been the experience of many spirits who believed as I did - that the mind was the thing, dependent upon the will and exertions to bring the desired results.

But while in this condition of struggle and slow progress, I would occasionally meet spirits who seemed to be of a higher order and more beautiful than was I. And naturally, I wondered what the cause was; although strange as it may seem to you, I never made inquiry until, one day, I met some of our folks who had this beautiful appearance and who seemed to be so perfectly happy.

Naturally, in our conversation, I asked them the cause of their happiness. And when they told me, I was so surprised that I gave very little credence to what they said. What they told me was so similar to what I had heard on earth in the orthodox churches, that I supposed these friends had brought with them their old orthodox faiths and emotions, that they were deceiving themselves as to the cause of their appearance, and that the probable cause of their happiness was that they were more moral than I when on earth - and hence, their recollections of earthly sins were less, their consciences were not so severe with them, and therefore they had gotten out of their darkness into light, with the resultant appearance of beauty and happiness. I would not accept their explanations of the cause of their conditions at first, and continued for some time longer in the effort to improve my moral condition and to advance in my mental acquirements.

But there was one other thing I noticed, and that was that, while these beautiful friends apparently had not the mental development of some other spirits, who had progressed out of the darkness into the higher spheres of light, yet the beauty and seeming happiness of these friends were so much greater than, and of a different nature from the happiness and appearance of those more highly mentally developed spirits.

And again, I thought and concluded that even moral and mental development, could not explain the cause of the difference between the appearances and happiness of these friends and those of these more mentally developed spirits. So I again determined to seek the cause, and as a consequence I sought these friends, with the intention and desire to listen more seriously to what they might tell me, and to open my mind to the "secret" - as it was to me.

Well, I listened to them, and they told me that their progress and condition was caused by the soul development which they had received in seeking for and obtaining the Divine Love of the Father; that the soul is the great and important part of being spirits; that the condition of the soul development determines the position and appearance and happiness of the spirit; that the spirit body and mind are both subordinate to the soul; and that whenever the mind submits to the control of the soul (and the will of the mind, as you may say, to the will of the soul), then the progress to the highest sphere will commence. And the spirit who is thus progressing will show the state of his advancement by the appearance of his beauty and happiness.

They further explained to me the nature and power of the Divine Love, and its great developing potentialities, and the absolute necessity of Its entering into and possessing the soul in order for it to make its greatest progress; that as this Divine Love became more and more a part of the soul's possessions, the soul took into itself the Divine Nature of the Father, and that all these things which had a lodgment therein, and which tended to make it dark and sinful, disappeared. And as these things disappeared, the soul mounted to higher spheres and became happier and more beautiful, and the spiritual body correspondingly manifested this happiness and beauty.

These friends told me all these things and many more, and they urged me to seek for the Divine Love of the Father, and offered to help me in every way. At first, I could not understand what "seeking" this Divine Love meant. But they took great pains to instruct me, and they told me that only through prayer and faith would It come to me; and that while this Love was waiting to fill the soul of every spirit, and anxious to do so, yet only by earnest, sincere seeking would It enter the soul, and fill it with Its Great Essence.

At last, they persuaded me to pray to the Father, and then they prayed with me. But it was hard to have faith in that which my mind did not understand and could not grasp. But they said that the soul has its faculties, and is not dependent upon the mind for this faith, and that upon my exercising these soul faculties would depend the question of my receiving this Love and this faith.

For as Love came, faith would come also - not a mere mental belief, but something greater and different.
Well, I continued to pray for this Love, and after awhile I felt a sensation which I had never felt before within my soul. And as I prayed, this feeling increased, and faith came to me in a small degree. I realized that there was a Love possessing me that was never with me before. I continued thus to seek and pray until, at last, this Great Love came to me in great abundance, flooding, as it were, my whole soul. Happiness unspeakable came to me and, as these friends said, light and beauty also.

Well, you can imagine that my longings and desires became insatiable. The darkness disappeared, my recollections of the evils of my life became fainter and fainter, and suddenly I found myself in the Third Sphere, which then appeared to me to be the very Heaven of heavens and the very fountainhead of beauty and happiness.

Now, during all this time - and it was not accomplished in a day - I gave no attention to the development of my mind, or to the acquiring of knowledge of the material things, as I might say, of the spirit world. But when I found myself in the beautiful sphere that I have mentioned, it seemed to me that my mental faculties had expanded beyond all possibilities of belief, and knowledge of things that I had never before heard or conceived of, came to me with wonderful clearness.

But the soul, and not the mind was the thing! And Love - this Divine Love of the Father - made happiness mine, and everything beautiful and satisfying. He who seeks only the development of the mind, and lets the soul slumber, is poor, indeed. But he who seeks the development of the soul finds that, as his soul develops, his mind does also, and rich he is beyond compare.

Well, I continued in this soul development, in the increased happiness and the attainment of great brightness, and more than all, in the possession of this Great Love, until I passed through the Fifth Sphere - where everything was much more beautiful, and where Love was so much more abundant than in the Third Sphere. Then I entered the Seventh Sphere where I now am. I will not attempt to tell you the glories of this sphere, for I feel that words are inadequate to do so.

Then, in a faint, unsatisfying way, I have attempted to rehearse to you the soul's development, and the wholly sufficient thing that it is. And my advice to all mortals, based on my own personal experience, is to seek the development of the soul with all their might and earnest efforts - the development of the mind will follow. And this they can commence while yet on earth, and then they will find that progress will be much more rapid, and easier, after they have crossed the borderline.

Well, it is late and I have written long enough. But I wanted so much to write to you tonight upon this subject of the soul development, as I see its vital importance to the future happiness of man and to his Immortality. 

With all my love and blessings, I am

Your brother in Christ, G_____


Samuel describes the Celestial Heavens

I am the prophet who came to you before and wrote.
Tonight, I want to tell you of the wonderful things which God has prepared for his redeemed children in the Celestial Spheres, where only those who have received the New Birth can enter.

In these spheres are homes made of the most beautiful materials that can be imagined, and which are of a real and permanent character, and not subject to decay or deterioration of any kind, and which are made without hands, but by the soul's development, and the love which each spirit possesses.

These homes are furnished with everything that is suited to make the inhabitants happy and contented; and not one element of inharmony has any abiding place therein. Every home has its library, and the most beautiful furniture and paintings and wall coverings, and also rooms that are devoted to the various uses that a spirit may need them for.

The music is sublime beyond conception; and there are all kinds of musical instruments which the spirits know how to play, and, as you may not suppose, every spirit has the ability to sing. There are no voices that are out of tune with the surroundings and with the other voices. Every spirit has music in his soul, and every spirit has the vocal qualities to express that music.

Couches for repose are provided, and running fountains and beautiful flowers of every hue and variety, and lawns the most beautiful and green. Trees are in abundance and are planted in the most artistic manner, so that they are in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

And the light that comes to our homes is of such a kind that I cannot describe it, and can only say that with it and in it are the most soothing and wonderful influences that spirits can conceive of.

All these things and many more are provided by our loving Father for the happiness of His children. But above all is this, the wonderful Love of the Father, which is always with us, and which fills our souls to overflowing, and keeps us in one continuous state of happiness and peace and joy.

All these things are freely given to us, and with them the knowledge that we are a part of the Father's Divine Being, and have, beyond the possibility of losing it, the immortality which Jesus brought to light when he came to earth.

I have been in these heavens many years, and know whereof I speak; and when I tell you of these things, I do so that you and all mankind may know that these delights may be yours and theirs, if you will only let the Divine Love of the Father enter your souls, and take complete possession of it.

Well, as to our social enjoyments, we are so loving, one to the other, that nothing arises, as on earth, to cause one the slightest jar in our wonderful harmony. We visit one another and give our experiences of the love life that we lead, and have music, and interchange thoughts about our continuous progress, and our work in the spirit world. Every spirit in our sphere may visit every other spirit, and know that the door is always open and a warm welcome awaiting him.

I cannot tell you of all these wonders because there are no words that will convey our meanings. Your capacity to understand is limited by your mental boundaries, and hence, I am at a disadvantage. But this I can tell you, and that is, that some day, if you get the Divine Love in your soul in sufficient abundance, you will see and understand for yourselves what God has in store for you. It was truly said, "that no eye has seen, or mind conceived, the wonderful things that await the true child of the Father."

No, there are no streets of gold or walls of jasper, or any of these material things that John made use of in his Apocalypse to describe the City of God. They were merely used as symbols, but they did not express the wonders of our homes.

I will not write more tonight, but will come again sometime and tell you of things that are of more importance than a description of our homes.

With all my love, I am Your brother in Christ,