John the Apostle of Jesus

Important That Man Must Search and Find the Truth


I am here, John.

I desire to write tonight, and if you think it is not too late, we will do so.

Well, I will not make my message very lengthy, but try to condense in short sentences.

I want to tell you that when a man gets to know the truths of the Father, he will become a very happy and wise man, for these truths have in them only those principles that create happiness and wisdom.

I know that men believe many things on account of their being ancient or having the authority of their forefathers, or some great saint or writer who lived many centuries ago, but such a basis for truth, while worthy of consideration and examination does not of itself, because of being old, afford any certainty that what is thus accepted contains the truth.

Truth is a thing very old, and existed for many thousands of centuries before the times in which these ancient writers, as you call them, lived, and in fact, those days of the writers, in comparison to what had gone before, are as yesterdays; and therefore you will see that because the declarations of these writers are what you consider very ancient, they should not be received as having authority.

Truths of those days, and of the long ages prior thereto, and of the present time are all the same, as truth never changes or assumes new forms no matter what the conditions of mortals may be as to intellectual or spiritual development. And they may be revealed today, and are being constantly revealed as time progresses, and should be accepted with as much credence and satisfaction as any truths that were ever disclosed in ancient days.

Men are just as susceptible now to the reception of these truths in their spiritual natures or perceptions as they were in the times of Abraham or Moses, or at any time since.

The mind of man was given to him to be exercised in the way of investigation and search, and never was it contemplated in his creation that the time would come when he should accept anything as the ultimates of truth and cease his inquiries, for truths are so many and great and deep, that so far, in the mortal universe, man has acquired only a smattering of these truths. And to rest supinely in this acquirement under the belief that there is nothing more in existence than man may know, violates and subverts the very object of his creation; and what I have said applies to spiritual truths as well as to material ones.

The churches, I know, declare and try to enforce the declaration, that it is not possible to discover, or have revealed to men the essential principles of spiritual truths to a greater extent than has already been declared in the Bible, and the churches' interpretation of the same, and that, therefore, it is contrary to God's will that men should seek further for any additional truths, and that men should accept, without question, the sayings of the Bible, and the dogmas and creeds of the churches which their claim is founded upon, and which they declare are the true principles of spiritual truths. And for many years this has been the demand of the churches, and the members thereof have acquiesced, without question or doubt.

Now, this has been one of the great causes why men have not progressed more, not only in their spiritual nature but also in what may be called their natural qualities. They have remained satisfied, and what was believed by them centuries ago are believed today. I say all this to show how stagnant the intellects of men have been, as it depends on search and investigation, and has remained for all these long ages.

I further recite this to show the necessity for men to seek and criticize, and accept or reject as the results of the search may demand. In recent years, though, men have made greater progress, and the individual has come to the front and the old accepted fabulations of truths, have been assaulted and shaken and denuded of their falsities, to a considerable degree, and so it should be. Men must seek, and criticize and accept or reject as their own conscience and reasoning powers dictate, and therein will be freedom of the mind as well as of the will.

The soul, also, has been smothered in these dogmatic beliefs, and as a consequence its development has been slow, and knowledge of things spiritual, has not come to men as it should have done, and as is necessary to teach them their destiny and the truths which should control their lives on earth, and which will control their progress in the spirit world.

Well, as you are tired, I will postpone the balance of my discourse. I think it best when you feel tired to discontinue the writing instead of attempting to force yourself into receiving it.

So I will not write more. Believe that I am,

your brother in Christ, John

The Condition of the Soul when and after the Divine Love flows into it

I am here, John.

I come tonight to tell you that you are in a better condition than you were last night, and that I desire to write a short message if you think that you can receive it.

Well, I will not write very long, and what I shall say will have to do with "the condition of the soul when and after the Divine Love flows into it."

As you know, the soul in the condition in which man possesses it before the entrance of the Divine Love is not in accord with the Love of God, nor is it a part of the great Oversoul. It is only a special creation made in the image of the Father, having in it the natural love which was conferred upon man at the time of his creation, and not having in it any part of the essence of the Father, or any quality that makes it of the Divine nature of the Father, or necessarily immortal.

But when the Divine Love enters into it, and it becomes permeated, as it were, with the Divine Essence, then it takes on the Divine nature of the Father, and to the extent that it receives and possesses this Love it becomes at-one with God and ceases to be a mere image, and becomes transformed into the substance.

The soul in this condition is altogether a different entity from the soul in the condition in which it was created, and no longer is subject to the dominion of either the mind or of the animal appetites and desires, and, hence, the spirit possessing such a soul is, in essence, a part of the Father, or as Jesus said, is in the Father and the Father in it.

Now, do not understand that such a soul is the soul that man originally possessed with increased development of purity and goodness or freedom from sin, because such is not the case. Such soul by such transformation becomes a new thing, and never again can it relapse into the soul of man's origin. Because of the qualities that it then possesses, it becomes immortal, and such immortal nature can never be taken from it.

It is now a thing of love and purity, and consciousness of its true condition is always with the spirit that has such soul. This transformation is gradual, and men must not think that by the mere act of conversion from their state of death they at once become possessed of the nature of the Divine, for such is not the fact.

The transformation is gradual and comes according to the susceptibility of the souls to receive this Love of which I speak. But when once the inflowing of the Love commences, it continues eternally. Although there may be times of stagnation and apparent loss of this Divine Essence, yet always is the transformation taking place, and at certain stages in its progress, the possession of this Divine Love will be so great that the original soul, or its original qualities will entirely disappear and leave only the new qualities which the Divine Love has implanted in it. The leaven when once deposited never ceases to work until the whole shall become leavened.

I will not write more tonight, but only further say, that this condition of transformation may be obtained by all men, if they will only seek for it in the proper way and with faith.

I will soon write you again.

In leaving you, I give you my love and blessings and the assurance that I am helping you in your efforts to carry forward the work, and in accomplishing all the promises.

So my dear brother, goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,


Divine Love is ever waiting to fill the soul, and will, when the soul longings become real for its possession


I am here. St. John. (Apostle of Jesus)

I heard your prayer and know that this Love is flowing into your soul and that now you have a great abundance of its possession of which you are conscious. It will never fail you when you pray in earnestness and with the real longings for its coming. It is always ready to respond to your aspirations and to make you feel its presence and the happiness that comes with it.

I, as you know, am your special friend in my work of helping to develop your soul, and whenever you pray to the Father, as you have just prayed, I come to you with my love and influence to help open up your soul to the inflowing of this Love. Have faith, and you will have the certainty of the presence of the Love, and that it is yours--seeking to come into your soul in greater and more abundance.

You are blessed in that you have the knowledge of the existence of this Love, and that it may be yours if you so will it to be, and pray with the true longings of your soul's desires. You cannot doubt the truth of what I write, for, as in the ordinary things of life, there is nothing so convincing as personal experience, and your experience is such that there has been no room for doubt.

So, if you would keep the consciousness of the presence of this Love continually alive, pray and pray whenever the opportunity presents itself, and by this I don't mean that you shall wait for a time when you are not engaged in your business affairs, but at moments when the mind may be free, even if only for a moment, from these business affairs. The longings, if exercised only for a moment, will bring their results; for God's ear is always open and ready to cause the responses to such longings.

One moment of true soul felt longings is more effective than hours of prayer where these longings are not present. The prayers of the lip or of habit arises no higher than the escaping breath, and does not cause the Love to respond and flow into the soul. Remember this, and then realize how futile are all the prayers of preachers and ostensible worshipers when the soul's longings and desires are not present.

Only soul can call to soul, and love responds only when such soul calls. The mere desires of the mind, if I may so express my meaning, do not in the least affect the soul, and as mind can operate only on mind, there cannot possibly be any activity of the soul's faculties, when only mind is in operation. Hence, you will see, that all the worship that comes merely from the mind will not effectuate the working of the Love or bring into operation the Spirit's work.

I write this to further encourage you, and also to make plain the necessity for the true prayer.


What does the Spirit of Man do when it leaves the Physical Body for Eternity?

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

I come to-night to tell you a vital truth, which I know you will be interested in.

The question has often been asked: "What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity?''

Many spirits, I know, have written you about this matter and some of them have described their personal experiences, yet in all the information that you have received there are some facts that have not been referred to, and I will in a brief way describe them.

When the spirit leaves the body, there is a breaking of the silver cord, as it is called, and thereby all connection between the spirit and the body is severed for all eternity - never again can that spirit enter that body, and neither can any other spirit, although, I know, it is claimed by some spiritualists that another spirit may inhabit the cast-off body. But this is all wrong, for no spirit ever enters the body which has once been the home of another spirit, and, hence, claims made by some of the wise men of the East that such a thing can be, have no foundation in fact.

When the silver cord is once severed, no power that is known to the spirit world, or among spirits of the highest sphere, can again resuscitate that body and cause the manifestation of life, and, hence, in the miracles mentioned in the Bible, where it is said that the dead were brought to life, it must be understood that this tie between the spirit and the body was never broken.

In those ancient days, as now, there were persons who had the appearance of being dead, and so far as human knowledge was concerned were dead, but who were really in a state of what may be called suspended animation. No signs of life appearing, to the consciousness of men, death was thought to have taken place. Yet in no case where the supposed dead were raised to life, had the mortal really died.

As Lazarus has already told you, when Jesus commanded him to come forth, he had not died, and so of all the other supposed dead who were called to life.

When this tie has been once severed, there are certain chemical laws affecting the physical body, and certain spiritual laws affecting the spirit, which absolutely render it impossible for the spirit to again enter the body; and as you have been informed, we all, mortals and spirits and angels as well, are governed by laws which have no exceptions, and never vary in their workings.

So I say, when once the spirit and body separate, it is for all eternity, and the spirit then becomes of itself, a thing apart, controlled entirely and exclusively by laws governing the spirit body.

With the spirit's entry into the spirit world, comes the soul, still enclosed in that spirit body, and to an extent controlled by that body, which latter is also, in certain particulars controlled by the soul. The spirit body has not, of itself, the power to determine its own location or destiny, as regards place, for the law of attraction which operates in this particular, operates upon the soul, and the condition of the soul determines the location of itself, and as the spirit body is the covering of the soul, it must go where this law of attraction decrees the soul shall abide.

While the mind and the mental faculties and the senses have their seat in the spirit body, yet the law that I speak of does not operate upon these faculties, as is apparent to every spirit which he knows from observation, as well as from experience, that the combined power of all these faculties cannot move a spirit body one step in the way of progress, unless such faculties have, in their influence upon the soul, caused its condition to change; and in the matter of mere mental or moral advancement this can be done.

So, I repeat, the condition of the soul determines the locality as well as the appearance of the spirit body, and this law of attraction is so exact, that in its operations, there is no opportunity for chance to interpose, and place the spirit body in a location which is not its, by reason of the operation of this law.

So that when the spirit body enters the spirit world it must go to and occupy the place which its enclosed soul condition determines that it shall occupy. No interposition of spirit friends or love of parent or husband or child can prevent this destiny, although for a time, until the soul has really had an awakening as to its condition of severance from the mortal life, these relations or friends may retain the spirit body near the place of its entrance into the spirit life, even though that place be one of more beautiful surroundings and happiness than the one to which it is destined. But this situation does not last long, for the law works, and as the soul comes into full consciousness, it hears the call and must obey.

And thus you see, friends and loved ones in spirit life meet with love and kindness and consolation, the newly arrived spirit, but the parting must come, and every soul must find its home according as its own qualities have determined. And yet the consolation mentioned is a real one, for in many instances, if it were not so, the lonely spirit would experience fear and bewilderment and all the unspeakable sensations of being deserted.

Then there comes a time, when every soul must stand alone, and in its weakness or strength realize that no other soul can bear its sorrow or take from its burdens or enter into its sufferings, And thus is realized the saying that each soul is its own keeper and alone responsible for its own condition.

Of course in many cases the loving friends may visit that soul in its place of existence and offer consolation and help and encouragement and instruction, but in some cases this cannot be, for as this soul is then laid bare to itself, all its deformities, and sins and evil qualities come before it, and thus throws around it a wall, as it were, that prevents the good friends and loving ones from appearing to it.

And thus again comes into operation the great law of attraction for while these more elevated friends, cannot come to that soul, yet other spirits of like souls and qualities may become its associates, and render such assistance as the blind can lead the blind in their movings about.

And I wish here to say, notwithstanding what some of you spiritualistic teachers have said, for the soul has its location as well as its condition.

The above condition that I have described is the destiny of some souls shortly after becoming spirits, and it is a deplorable one, and you may think that such souls are deserted by the loving influences of God's ministering spirits, and left all alone in the dreary places of their habitations. But such is not the case, for while they are deprived of the presence, to them, of the higher spirits, yet the influences of love and compassion are flowing from these spirits, and at sometime will be felt by the lonely ones, and as these influences are felt the poor souls commences to have an awakening which gradually causes the wall of their seclusion to disappear until at sometime, the higher spirits find that they can manifest their presence to these unfortunate ones.

And, besides, this, every spirit, no matter how fallen, has a work to do, even though it may appear insignificant, and among these spirits of similar conditions, some are a little more progressed than others, and by reason of a law which causes the more progressed to help the lesser, the latter are frequently helped from their low estate.

Now what I have last written applies of course to the spirits who are wicked and vile and without any soul development in the way of goodness, but a similar principle enters into the conditions of all the spirits in the earth plane, although the higher they are in that plane the greater opportunities they have for receiving help and progressing.

Of these latter, and the operation of the mental thoughts and moral qualities upon the condition and progress of the soul, I will write you later.

I have written enough for to-night, and leaving you my love and blessings, I will say good-night.

Your brother in Christ,