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The Truth Shall Set You Free
What this divine love means to everyone who has received it. they are in a condition of perfect peace and their happiness is beyond all comparison, and they are not willing that anything or power shall lead them to those things that are not in accord with the divine love and God's laws of harmony. They are not only happy, but are away beyond the lower spirits in intellectual development and knowledge of the spiritual things of the Father.
Date: 2011-09-18 11:28:47
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Mankind, God's Greatest Creation:
Mankind, God's Greatest Creation:
Scientists only know of evolution after man reached the bottom of his degeneracy or devolution. Mankind has not evolved from the lower animal, but only from himself when he reached the bottom of his fall. In this particular, the history and experience of man is this - he was created perfect, - he sinned, he fell from the condition of his created state - his condition at the bottom of his fall was inferior in some phases to the brute animal - after long centuries he commenced to rise from his base condition, and had made progress when the scientists by their discoveries found evidence of his then condition, - and since then he has been the subject of their "evolution."But the scientists and all mankind must know that all during these centuries of descent and ascent, man was always man, the greatest creation of God, and the most fallen.
Date: 2011-02-19 19:42:58
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The Great Truth of Soulmates
The Great Truth of Soulmates. This video was created to explain the Truth that each of us has one soulmate. God creates souls as twins, a male and a female, as one unit before they are ever born on this earth. Prior to their incarnation into the flesh, this unit separates and when the right conditions manifest, each soul inhabits a different mother's body. Once they are born, they have no recollection of ever being connected. Some true soulmates may meet, marry and have a wonderful life together not even knowing they are soulmates, while others may meet and because of different backgrounds, interests, etc., find they have nothing in common and go their separate ways. The vast majority of soulmates do not discover they are connected until they pass from this life into the spirit world. However, God in his perfect love and wisdom has made a way for soulmates to find each other on this earth, if they both obtain into their souls a sufficient amount of His Divine Love.
Date: 2011-02-18 12:02:32
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The Truth About Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve were the very first soulmates. This is their true story. And it explains how they were created, why they disobeyed God and the consequences that occurred when they fell from grace and, finally, how they became true children of God when they received God's Divine Love.
Date: 2011-02-18 12:01:33
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The Greatest Gift
The Greatest Gift is from our Heavenly Father and it is His Divine Love. It is ours when our souls long for it and with its receipt we are blessed with a personal relationship with Him and we are given all of His attributes of love, happiness, joy, forgiveness, peace and freedom from sin. When our souls receive God's Divine Love, His very essence, we are transformed from merely an image to the substance and are assured of immortality and divinity in the Celestial Heavens. And we may do this now, with prayer to Him, if it is our desire to do so. This inspirational video was created from phrases contained in The Padgett Messages that were written by Jesus and many Celestial Spirits, who brought God's Truths to us so we will know how we may truly become children of our Heavenly Father.
Date: 2011-02-18 11:58:52
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Inspirational Message of Love and Hope. Truth for all people
Inspirational Message about The Divine Love of God
Messages from Jesus and celestial Spirits that tell us the way to God and Immortality. It is open for anyone who sincerely prays to the Heavenly Father with soul longings and Faith for the inflowing of this Divine Love.
Love is the greatest thing in all God's universe and that with its coming into the soul of a person comes peace and happiness and joy, and a knowledge that the Father is a real, existing, present Father of the most wonderful tenderness and Love.
Date: 2011-02-10 19:45:58
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God's Love is the Solution
God's Love is the solution:
Love is the greatest thing in all God's universe and that with its coming into the soul of a person comes peace and happiness and joy, and a knowledge that the Father is a real, existing, present Father of the most wonderful tenderness and Love.
Pray to the Father and trust in Him to the fullest, for with this trust will come faith that will make all your longings and aspirations things of real substance, as your soul will become a thing of substance in the Divine Nature of the Father.
Date: 2011-02-10 19:44:21
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There are Two Loves, not One!
There are Two loves not one:
There is something we can do to help ourselves and this world and if enough people so willed it, allowing this to happen in the here and now, it would bring about the long sought after peace the world has been waiting for. As many lighted candles would totally eradicate the darkness of the room, so would many godly souls vanquish the evils that surround us and save the generations to come from the terrors that beset this world.
Date: 2011-02-10 19:41:31
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God Creates by Design, no self evolution:
God Creates by Design.
There is no such thing as self evolution, or that development which arises from the unassisted growth of the thing developed, and this applies to all nature as well as to man.
God was always existent - a Being without beginning, which idea the finite mind, I know cannot grasp, but it is true; and so also everything which is in the universe to-day always existed, though not in form and composition as they now are; and as they are they will not continue to be, for change eternal is the law of his universe. I mean as to all things which may be spoken of as having a substance whether they be material or ethereal. Of course, His Truths never change, and neither do the laws by which the harmony of the universe is preserved and continued perfect.
Date: 2011-02-10 19:39:26
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How Divine Love Enters Our Soul
So the important question is: 'How does God's Divine Love come into the soul, and what must we do to induce its inflowing?'
There is only one way, and that is by the opening up of the soul in such a manner that this love, when it comes in response to sincere seeking, may find an entrance and a condition of development that will cause it to find a lodgment and abiding place, harmonious and satisfactory to the qualities of its own existence.
Date: 2011-02-09 11:50:30
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