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True Gospel Revealed Anew From Jesus
  • True Gospel Revealed Anew, Messages From Jesus and Celestial Spirits   ( 11 Articles )

    I am here, Jesus; I fully realize that when you shall publish my messages the great difficulty in their being accepted will be the doubts of the people as to their source, but you will have to compile the book in such a way that the testimony of the numerous writers will be so strong that the doubts will not be able to withstand the evidence of my being the writer of the messages. And when people read the same they will realize that the truths which they contain could only come from a higher source than mortal mind, and that the Hand of the Father is in them.
    I write this to show you that we will have a great difficulty to have people believe that I wrote the messages, and that we will have to do everything possible to convince them of the truth of the source of the writings. But if this difficulty should appear almost insurmountable in the beginning, yet after a while, when men come to appreciate the inherent truth and importance of the messages, they will easily believe that I wrote them -- and especially will this be the case with those who are not orthodox in their beliefs. So when the time comes to publish them I do not fear that they will not be gladly received. Your brother and friend, Jesus.

  • The Divine Love of God. The Father is all Goodness, Love, Truth, Forgiveness and Kindness.   ( 16 Articles )

    Then, understanding what this Love is, and that man must seek for It, and what Its effect upon the soul of man is, it becomes very important that man should make the obtaining of It the one great object of his aspirations and desires.
    For when he possesses It to a degree that makes him at-one with the Father, he ceases to be a mere man and becomes of a nature of soul existence that makes him Divine with many qualities of the Father, the chief of which is of course this love, and also causes him to absolutely realize the fact of his immortality.
    The divine love that I speak of is of itself not only able to make a man an inhabitant of the Father's kingdom, but is sufficient to enable him to bring about and realize to the fullest of his dreams that great brotherhood even while on earth.

  • Jesus Selects James E. Padgett   ( 9 Articles )
    Well, my brother, I am glad to tell you that your communion with the Father tonight has been responded to. His love has inflowed into your soul in great abundance, and your soul is now filled with it, and the influence of this great love is working in your soul and you realize its presence.
    If you will meditate and long for and pray to the Father as you have tonight your soul will soon be so filled with this love that you will receive the knowledge that you have a near at Onement with Him, and you will be conscious of the possession of a part of His divinity of which we have written you. Let your mind be free from all thoughts of evil and sin. The Love of God is reaching out to every man so that the meanest will be the object of His Care. Do not let the thought that He is only loving the good and righteous lead you to think that you must seek the company of these favored ones only.

  • Birth and Life of Jesus Up to the Time of His Public Ministry   ( 6 Articles )
    I was not born with the knowledge that I was the son of God sent to earth to teach these great truths, or to announce to mankind the rebestowal of the great gift of immortality, and the means of acquiring it.
    But this knowledge of my mission came to me after I became a man and had the frequent communions with God by my spiritual senses.
    I was never in the presence of the Jewish priests, expounding to them the law and asking questions when about twelve years of age, as stated in the Bible, and not before my first appearance, after I became a man did I attempt to show priest or layman, that I was the messenger of the Father, and sent by Him to proclaim the glad tidings of immortality restored and of the great love of the Father which was necessary to make all men at one with Him, and to give them a home in His Kingdom. I never was a sinful boy or man, and did not know what sin was in my heart; and strange as it may seem, I never sought to teach others these truths until after my mission was declared by John the Baptist.
  • The Truth about The Soul. The Soul of Man is of the Highest Order of Creation   ( 9 Articles )
    While the soul of man is of the highest order of creation, and his attributes and qualities correspond, yet he is no more Divine in essential constituents than are the lower objects of creation, each being a creation but not an emanation of their Creator. It is true that the soul of man is of a higher order of creation than any other created thing, is the only creature made in the image of God, and was made the perfect man. Yet man, the soul, can never become anything different or greater than the perfect man, unless he receives and possesses the Divine Essence and qualities of the Father, which he did not possess at his creation (although, with his creation, God bestowed upon him this wonderful Gift of the privilege of receiving this Great Substance of the Divine Nature, thereby becoming Divine himself. The perfectly created man could become the Divine angel if he, the man, so willed it, obeyed the Commands of the Father, and pursued the Way provided by the Father for obtaining and possessing that Divinity).

  • Life on Earth and what it means to Mortals. This Earth Life is a Fleeting Shadow of the Spirit Life   ( 50 Articles )
    Life on earth is an important part of the great eternity of living, and men should realize this to its fullest meaning and not think the earth a mere stopping place where the spirit is enfolded in flesh only for the pleasures and gratification of its carnal appetites. This earth life is a fleeting shadow of the spirit life, but an important shadow to the happiness which man may enjoy in the future. It is the most important period of man's whole existence, and the way that such life is lived may determine the whole future life of a man. I don't mean that there is no redemption beyond the grave, for the mercy of the Father continues into the spirit life, but when man fails to accept this mercy, I mean the way in which he may become a divine child of the Father while in the earth life, he may never accept it in the spirit life.
  • The Celestial Heavens. There is now a Kingdom in the Celestial Spheres, but not a finished one   ( 3 Articles )
    There is now a Kingdom in the Celestial Spheres, but not a finished one, for it is still open and in the process of formation. It is open to the entry of all spirits, and men must seek for it in the only Way that the Father has provided.
    No man or spirit will be excluded from it who, with all the longings of his soul, will aspire to enter that Kingdom.

    I must also state that the time will come when this Celestial Kingdom will be completed, and thereafter, neither spirit nor man will be able to enter therein; for this Divine Love of the Father will again be withdrawn from man, as it was from the first parents, and the only Kingdom that will then be accessible to man will be the Kingdom that will exist on earth, or that which now exists in the spirit world.
    Then what is the Way that leads to this Celestial Kingdom? The only Way? For there is but one!

  • God, The Heavenly Father. God is Soul, Soul is God, the Soul that is Deity and Self-Existent   ( 10 Articles )
    Well to begin, God is Soul, and Soul is God. Not the soul that is in the created man, but the Soul that is Deity and self-existent, without beginning or ending, and Whose Entity is the one great fact in the universe of being. There is nothing in all nature with which men are acquainted or have knowledge of, that can be used to make a comparison with this Great Soul, even with the spirit perceptions; hence, for men to conceive of God as having a form in any manner resembling that of man, is all erroneous. Only those, who deny the anthropomorphic God in their beliefs and teachings are correct.
    God is in back of force and principle and law, which are all only expressions of His Being, and which could not exist without Him. These expressions are only existences; changeable, dependent, and subject to the Will of God, Who only Is Being.

  • Judgment, The Law of Compensation and Forgiveness. "As a Man Soweth so shall he Reap"   ( 18 Articles )
    No man who has lived and died has escaped, and no man who shall hereafter die can escape this judgment unless, in a Way provided by the Father in His Love, he comes into harmony with the laws requiring harmony. "As a man soweth so shall he reap" is as true as is the fact that the sun shines upon the just and the unjust alike. Memory is man's storehouse of good and evil, and memory does not die with the death of the man's physical body. On the contrary, memory becomes more alive - all alive - and nothing is left behind or forgotten when the spirit man casts off the encumbrance and benumbing and deceiving influences of the only body of man that was created to die. Judgment is real, and men must come to it face to face. Want of belief, unbelief, or indifference, or the application to men's lives of the saying "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," will not enable men to avoid the judgment or the exactions of its demands.

  • The Holy Spirit, the Conveyer of God's Divine Love into the Souls of Men. What it is, What it is not.   ( 6 Articles )
    The Holy Spirit is that part of God's spirit that manifests His presence and care in conveying His Divine Love into men's souls. This Love is the highest and greatest and most holy of His possessions, and can be conveyed to men only by the Holy Spirit; and this appellation is used in contradistinction to the mere spirit, which demonstrates the operation of God's Soul to men in other directions and for other purposes. His creative spirit and His caring spirit and the spirit that makes His laws and designs effective in the governing of the universe are not the Holy Spirit, though they are equally part of God's Soul, and equally necessary for the manifestations, of His Powers and the exercise of the energies of His Soul. These spirit energies deal with the things of the universe that do not have interrelationship with the Soul of God and the souls of men. But whenever the Holy Spirit is spoken of, it should mean only that part of God's spirit which transforms the souls of men into, the substance of the Soul of God in its quality of love.

  • John the Apostle of Jesus   ( 30 Articles )
    But when the Divine Love enters into it, and it becomes permeated, as it were, with the Divine Essence, then it takes on the Divine nature of the Father, and to the extent that it receives and possesses this Love it becomes at-one with God and ceases to be a mere image, and becomes transformed into the substance.
    The soul in this condition is altogether a different entity from the soul in the condition in which it was created, and no longer is subject to the dominion of either the mind or of the animal appetites and desires, and, hence, the spirit possessing such a soul is, in essence, a part of the Father, or as Jesus said, is in the Father and the Father in it.
    Now, do not understand that such a soul is the soul that man originally possessed with increased development of purity and goodness or freedom from sin, because such is not the case. Such soul by such transformation becomes a new thing, and never again can it relapse into the soul of man's origin.

  • Celestial Angels and Spirits Messages   ( 53 Articles )
    Religion is a matter of soul and not of intellect, and the greater the development of the soul in the right direction, the higher will be the spiritual state or condition of the soul.
    Mere intellectual belief, no matter how intense and undoubting, will not tend to bring about this spiritual development, for "religion is really nothing but the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God."
    The mind will not be sufficient to create this state because the mind of man cannot possibly bring into harmony the Soul of the Creator and that of the creature. Mind in its exercise may tend to awaken the soul to this possibility of relationship, but only the workings of the soul can effectuate the complete unity of the Creator and the created. Only soul can speak to soul, and mind is only a helper, provided the soul is alive in its longings.

  • The Celestial & Spiritual Spheres   ( 18 Articles )
    As you may know these Celestial Spheres are above the spiritual spheres, and are inhabited only by spirits who have received the New Birth and who believe in the Truths as taught by Jesus.
    No other spirits are permitted to enter these spheres, and no other spirits could possibly find any happiness in them, for in them Divine Love is so developed in the souls of the spirits who live there, that any spirit not having that Love would find that he is in an atmosphere that is entirely foreign to his qualifications, and he would be most unhappy.
    But as I say, no spirit who has not that Divine Love, which we tell you about, can possibly enter into these spheres. The walls of demarcation are just as solid and forbidding as are walls of demarcation in your prisons on earth from the outside world. I live in a city that is most wonderful in its beauty and magnificence, and is filled with structures that surpass anything that you possibly conceive of.

  • Soulmates and the Incarnation of the Soul   ( 18 Articles )
    The soul, in its existence prior to becoming an indweller in the mortal body, has a consciousness of its existence and of its relationship to God and to other parts of the Great Soul, and more especially of the duplex character of its being; and by this I mean the sexual differences in the two parts of the soul, which, in the way that they are united, constitutes the one complete soul. When the time comes for this soul to become an indweller in the mortal frame, the two parts that I speak of separate, and only one of the parts enters at the same time into a mortal and never into the same mortal; and while this separation is necessary for the individualization of each part of this one complete soul, yet the two parts never lose that interrelationship, or the binding qualities that existed before their separation, and which continue to exist thereafter, and in the great future, after the work of individualization shall be completed, will come together again and reunite in a complete one.

  • God's Universal Laws, The Heavenly Father the Creator of all Law   ( 1 Article )

    The material laws may be learned from by the operations of the senses that belong to, and constitute, the material mind. But the spiritual laws can only be learned by the exercise and application of the faculties of the soul. The soul is to the spiritual things of God what the mind is to the material things of God. And the great mistake that men make and have made is to attempt to learn these spiritual things with the powers of the material mind.
    Laws are eternal and never change, and are made by the Great Father to be applied to all the conditions and to all the relationships of the material world and of the spiritual world.
    But the laws that apply to the operations of the material world, are not fitted to apply to the operations of the spiritual world. And the man who understands the former, and their application to material things, is not able to apply the laws applicable to the spiritual world and to spiritual things.

  • True Explanations of Jesus Parables and Sayings   ( 1 Article )

    Many of my sayings were merely symbolical and not intended to be taken literally.
    Yes, I said that my Father sent me and that is true. I did live before I came to earth, with my Father in the heavens and so did you.
    I meant that in the Kingdom of God there are homes and that I would go and prepare a place where my followers should have a home with me, separate from the homes of the spirits who are not believers in or followers of me; that my kingdom was to be a separate kingdom from the other parts of the spirit lands, and that those who wanted to live with me would have to get this love of God in their hearts to do so.
    My kingdom is one where Love is supreme and where it is manifested in the purest and highest degree. I have not seen God in the sense that I have seen you, but that in the sense that my love is so very abundant and so truly His Love, that He appears to my soul's eyes just as plainly as you appear to my natural eyes.