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Celestial Angels and Spirits Messages
Religion is a matter of soul and not of intellect, and the greater the development of the soul in the right direction, the higher will be the spiritual state or condition of the soul.
Mere intellectual belief, no matter how intense and undoubting, will not tend to bring about this spiritual development, for "religion is really nothing but the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God."
The mind will not be sufficient to create this state because the mind of man cannot possibly bring into harmony the Soul of the Creator and that of the creature. Mind in its exercise may tend to awaken the soul to this possibility of relationship, but only the workings of the soul can effectuate the complete unity of the Creator and the created. Only soul can speak to soul, and mind is only a helper, provided the soul is alive in its longings.

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1 The Importance of Knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom. Divine Love Comes Only in Response to the Soul's Longings 1360
2 How all mankind can become Divine Angels and how erroneous beliefs prevent this consummation 2217
3 Religion is the Relationship and Harmony of Men's Souls with the Soul of God 3647
4 The Sins of the Parents are visited upon the Children unto the Third and Fourth Generations 5070
5 The Devolution and Evolution of Man - scientists only know of evolution after man reached the bottom of his degeneracy or devolution 2209
6 Josephus affirms that Jesus is a true son of God, and lived on earth and was crucified 617
7 The Truth of the Bible as to the things that are contained in the Old Testament 430
8 Mrs. Padgett's experience in trying to show a spirit the way to God's Love 589
9 Moses Emphasizes the Importance of the Jews Learning the Truths of God as Proclaimed by Jesus 631
10 Leytergus Wrote a Book Containing a Description of the Creation and Fall of Man 724
11 Mr. Padgett's grandmother encourages Mr. Padgett to press forward to the goal. Refers to the great love of Jesus and that he is still praying for more 400
12 The Belief in the Unpardonable Sin is Slanderous and Blasphemous against the Loving Father 794
13 The Great World Teacher, will be the Master again come to earth in the form of his Divine Revelations 1213
14 God was never a God of wrath, but always of Love 1500
15 Jesus claims that his disciples never wrote all the false doctrines in the Bible attributed to him. 781
16 An Ancient Spirit Discusses Reincarnation and Theosophy 1761
17 Jesus was the true Messiah and the true Christ as he taught when on earth 929
18 Not the blood or death of Jesus, but his living and teaching men the Way to obtain the Divine Love of the Father are what saves a soul from sin and fits It for Heaven 750
19 What the Celestial Spirits think about War 2298
20 The Necessity of Obtaining the Divine Love. Those who refuse this Great Gift after the privilege of obtaining it is withdrawn, will suffer the second death 1276
21 Ann Rollins again writes on the Kingdom of Jesus being closed to all those that do not receive the Divine Love of the Father 1329
22 The Salvation That Jesus Taught 2022
23 Jesus Was Never in India and Greece Studying Philosophies As Some Claim. 1459
24 Man Himself Must Make the Effort to Overcome the Influence of the Evil Ones 1972
25 Luke of the Bible Never Said That Jesus Came to Earth as the Only Begotten of the Father, Which Is Not True 921
26 What is the meaning of the Divine nature which the soul of man partakes of upon the transformation of that soul by the inflowing and possession of the Divine Love 4170
27 Creation of the first parents-difference in their qualities, equal in their relationship to God and each other 875
28 Elizabeth, cousin of Mary--Mother of Jesus. The work that Mr. Padgett is doing, which is the real second coming of Jesus. 1806
29 Jesus informs Mr. Padgett that his soul has had a great inflowing of Divine Love 1149
30 How the Divine Love may be called upon and used in the healing of our physical bodies 2597
31 Nicodemus, on the importance of the New Birth 3730
32 Jesus often went with Mr. Padgett to the church services that he attended in Washington and then wrote about the preachers belief and spiritual development 1006
33 St. Paul's comments on the preacher's beliefs. Perfection is a relative term 1233
34 The Frailties of the Human Mind and Moral Qualities. 1810
35 Lazarus says he was not dead when he was raised by Jesus. Confirms that Jesus writes through Mr. Padgett 1291
36 Laws of the Spirit World 5747
37 Laws of the Spirit World continued 2682
38 Elias (Elijah): His experience while on earth and the spirit world. Transfiguration on the Mount a reality 1459
39 The Truth Concerning Christian Science and the Truth Concerning Disease 1930
40 The Love of God Brings Immortality in the True Sense of the Term 1958
41 Jesus, many of the ancient spirits are not in the Celestial Heavens 1624
42 Jesus on New Thought. The Importance of Mankind Knowing the Truth of the New Birth 3413
43 Portraits of Jesus. Only the Father can fill the Soul with the Divine Love 1826
44 Ann Rollins' experience in seeking the Divine Love of God, she also gives a short description of Jesus 1575
45 Grandmother of Mr. Padgett writes that the New Birth is the flowing of the Spirit of God into the soul 1340
46 Jesus explains the necessary conditions required so that the higher spirits can help those in lower spheres 1553
47 John denies the vicarious atonement. If men would have faith like the Apostles, healing and so-called miracles would exist today 1127
48 Jesus is not God or to be worshiped as God. Explains his mission 2144
49 The Father's Love is never far away when temptation strikes 1670
50 Jesus writes about the increase in the love for the Father will help Mr. Padgett both materially and spiritually. 1173
51 Aman, (Adam) first parent, reveals his temptation and fall. 1388
52 Amon, (Eve) mother of all human creation, gives her experience. Her temptation and disobedience 1418
53 John affirms that Aman and Amon, the First Parents, actually communicated through Mr. Padgett 2122