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Life on Earth and what it means to Mortals. This Earth Life is a Fleeting Shadow of the Spirit Life
Life on earth is an important part of the great eternity of living, and men should realize this to its fullest meaning and not think the earth a mere stopping place where the spirit is enfolded in flesh only for the pleasures and gratification of its carnal appetites. This earth life is a fleeting shadow of the spirit life, but an important shadow to the happiness which man may enjoy in the future. It is the most important period of man's whole existence, and the way that such life is lived may determine the whole future life of a man. I don't mean that there is no redemption beyond the grave, for the mercy of the Father continues into the spirit life, but when man fails to accept this mercy, I mean the way in which he may become a divine child of the Father while in the earth life, he may never accept it in the spirit life.
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1 The Real Truth of Life on Earth and what it Means to Mortals 4761
2 The True Relationship of Man to the Creation of the World, and the Origin of Life 5633
3 The Correct Way in Which Man Should Live The Life on Earth 2397
4 God is not the God of any race but of the individual 2053
5 The Necessity for Men Turning Their Thoughts to Spiritual Things 1858
6 No unpardonable sin as taught by the preacher 646
7 The Great Law of Attraction 2621
8 What is necessary for a man to do to recover the purity of soul and love that was possessed by the first parents 689
9 No Such Thing as Reincarnation 1088
10 Paul Denies the Vicarious Atonement 544
11 No-one can possibly reach the condition of perfection, unless his mental beliefs become in accord with the truth 1894
12 St. Luke, on the Teachings of New Thought and Explains the Erroneous Beliefs of the Same. 841
13 What causes the Souls of Men the Unrest that now Exists in the World 2030
14 Continuous life of a man after the death of the body as shown by the manifestations of nature is not conclusive 872
15 The celebrated philosopher Baruch Spinoza discourses on reason, and states that reason per se is not a reliable guide to truth 501
16 The Resurrection That Is Common to All, Be They Saint or Sinner 1270
17 The True Resurrection That Jesus Taught 1371
18 The Atonement, part 1 1870
19 The Atonement, part 2 1358
20 The True Meaning of the Atonement 1765
21 The Mission of Jesus in the Spirit World 2278
22 Mystery of the Birth of the Soul in the Human Being. There is no such thing as Reincarnation 5624
23 What is the use in believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as salvation from sin 1393
24 What Is the Most Important Thing in All the World for Men to Do to Bring About the Great Millennium 952
25 No Such Thing as Fallen Angels 4281
26 Countless Changes Have Been Made in the Copying and Recopying of the Original Manuscripts Left by the Disciples and Apostles of Jesus 7275
27 Jesus explains the great importance of his being in condition to receive the many truths 1194
28 Not the blood of Jesus but the Divine Love is what Saves and Redeems 1542
29 The Condition of the World when Jesus came to Teach 1842
30 There are no devils and no satan 3653
31 Jesus tells who he really was 1261
32 Jesus says his blood does not save men 1649
33 Jesus refers to the prophecy in the bible 1371
34 Jesus Refers to Possession and Denies Reincarnation 2650
35 Jesus is not God, but was sent by the Father 1754
36 The Truths Maybe Understood By The Simple 1756
37 The Result of Obtaining The Divine Love in Removing Worry 1709
38 Jesus Will Never Come as a "Prince Michael" to Establish His Kingdom 1599
39 What Jesus Meant When He Said, "He That Liveth and Believeth on Me Shall Never Die" 3457
40 Verily, Verily, I Say unto You, He That Believeth on Me, the Works That I Do Shall He Do Also 1606
41 The Teachings of the Bible That Jesus' Blood Washes Away Sin, or That Jesus Died on the Cross for the Salvation of Men, are False 2951
42 Jesus Presents His Comments on a Discourse by a Preacher Who Knows Only the Way That Leads to the Perfect Natural Man 1216
43 There are no animals in the spirit world 3549
44 What Men Can Do to Eradicate War and Evil from Men's Souls 2807
45 The Truth Concerning The End of The World 2629
46 On the passing of a loved one 1500
47 The Nature and Operations and Workings of the Material and Spiritual Things 1641
48 The Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man - the Spiritual Heavens 2216
49 Christ May Be in You - What it Means 1331
50 The Truth Concerning Prayer and why Jesus chose James E. Padgett 2039