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What should a man do who is not satisfied with any of the churches Print
Message of the Week - Message of the Week
I was with you tonight and heard the preacher answer the question, and some of his answers were very satisfactory, but there was one that did not exactly satisfy the true longings of the man who is in search of truth, I mean the one that asks what should a man do who is not satisfied with any of the churches.

Well, if he can find no church that provides truths that satisfy that man's inquiring soul, then that man can never feel that he should go to any church for information as to those things which he has no knowledge, of or which he has grave doubts about.

The churches, of course, can give no information of truths that the churches themselves do not know, and if the truths that these churches teach fall short of what the man is seeking for, then these churches cannot possibly be satisfactory to him. While the churches differ in their creed and government, and perhaps in some particular construction or interpretation of the Bible, yet they, the orthodox churches, are all founded upon the teachings of the Bible, and they cannot teach greater or other truths than that Book contains, and, hence, if a man is seeking for truths that are not in the Bible, his inquiries cannot be answered by those whose knowledge is confined to the Bible teachings........      The Message